10 Must Have Essential Accessories For Your Chuwi Tablet


In today’s age of convenience, tablets are once again becoming the talk of the town. According to Statista’s latest study, the global tablet market is again on the rise and all set to reach new heights by 2028. Easier to use than a smartphone and more portable than a laptop, tablets offer the best of both worlds, and the masses are here for it. With the rise of remote work and online opportunities, these powerful devices make our lives less complicated and our work more efficient.

Whether you’re brainstorming ideas, cooking up sketches, or putting together a PowerPoint, the Chuwi Tablets are designed always to have your back. But here’s the thing: even though the tablet is a reliable friend, the real magic starts when paired with the right accessories. Think of these as the secret sauce to maximize the potential of your device. With the right add-ons, your Chuwi tablet can level up from a casual device to a true productivity powerhouse. Here are the 10 absolute essential accessories to have as your Chuwi partners.

Protection First 

1. Glass Screen Protector

The most important thing your tablet needs is a screen protector. IPS display screens are pretty sturdy, but you need to be careful. These glass protectors add a layer of cushioning and protect your tablet from hard falls, keeping the screen safe from scratches and everyday wear and tear. Naturally, this significantly increases the lifespan of your device, making screen protectors a no-brainer accessory.

2. Cover Case

After securing the screen comes the rest of the tablet. Cover cases protect for your Chuwi tablet, including the front and back. More than that, they also allow for the device to be propped up and viewed in various different angles without arm strains. The cases also add to the sleek look while maintaining exceptional stability. 

A Touch of Genius

3. Stylus Pen

Turn your tablet into a canvas for creativity with the feather-light Stylus Pen. This active pen glides effortlessly across the screen with its 2 mm POM tip. The device also boasts near-universal compatibility, which means it pairs flawlessly with most screens like laptops, phones, and other tablets. Making this pen the ultimate solution to all your creative needs. Moreover, its powerful battery provides up to 18 hours of continuous use with a single charge, and all of this comes at a price that lives up to the Chuwi tradition of exceptional value.

Comfort Typing 

4. X Keyboard

One of Chuwi’s best-selling devices is a true hero for a reason. The UBook X Keyboard attaches magnetically to the tablet and ensures maximum connection. Designed specifically for Chuwi tablets, it fits them like a glove. But what truly enhances the typing experience are the tactile keystrokes and the competitive price point, making it an ideal budget buy.

The More, The Merrier 

5. External SSD Card

Despite the newest Chuwi tablets boasting a spacious 128GB ROM, it is always better to have extra room. Removable storage cards by Sandisk/Samsung improve the overall performance by boosting loading time and enhancing the execution of heavier apps on the device. As a result, you will notice your tablet functioning effortlessly, responding instantly to your touch.

The Power of Sound

6. Bluetooth Speakers

Let’s be honest: tablets aren’t known for their audio strength. Fortunately, it is an easy fix with the right set of speakers. Clear audio playback is crucial for focus; that is where the wireless Ultimate Bluetooth Speakers come in. With 360-degree sound and an outdoor boost feature, these speakers deliver incredible audio quality and have a battery that lasts up to 13 hours straight!

7. Air Pro 3 Earbuds

If you need uninterrupted audio to stay focused, these noise-canceling earbuds are perfect for you. Affordably priced, the Earfun Air Pro 3 earbuds offer amazing clarity, a wide soundstage, water resistance, and multi-device connectivity. Arguably, these are the best budget noise-canceling earbuds available.

Ready, Set, Charge 

8. Hi-Dock Charger

This exceptional charging dock is a game changer. Its 4-port design allows for multi-device charging and delivers speeds four times faster than an average charger. Plus, it looks great doing it. Despite its compact size and sleek surface, the Chuwi Hi-Dock is surprisingly well-protected against scratches and falls, making it a quality investment worth considering.

Mount it Up

9. Mounts

Mounts make for the best tablet partners. Be it for work at home or on a road trip. A mount frees up your hands, allowing easier interactions using a stylus or keyboard. Aside from comfort, mounts also provide versatility, letting you use your tablet in the car, on the go, or even in the kitchen. Overall, a mount for your Chuwi tablet will take your efficiency and multitasking to another level.

10. Portable Stands

While similar to mounts, tablet stands offer the portability and adjustments that mounts cannot cater to. Like tilting or rotating your tablet to find the perfect viewing angle for reading, surfing, or video conferencing. Stands can be adjusted almost anywhere where mounts are used for specific placements only. Moreover, they also elevate the tablet to a comfortable viewing height, improving the ergonomics of tablet usage.

The Bottom Line

While Chuwi tablets are more comfortable than smartphones and more portable than laptops, these 10 accessories are necessary to get the most out of your tablet. Stylus pens, keyboards, and external memory cards will boost your device’s capabilities, while speakers, mounts, and protective gear will improve your experience. So, if you want to make your life easier and truly maximize your tablet’s potential, you need these 10 accessories in your life.