6 Space-Saving Tips for Small Bathroom Sink Countertops

Today’s homeowners put their blood and sweat into creating their desired home as they know how crucial it is to own a beautiful and sophisticated home with stunning bath designs. 

However, it is not as easy as it may seem!

Since you spend most of your time there, whether it’s taking a morning shower or doing your nightly skincare routine, you cannot tolerate a cluttered and disorganized bathroom. 

Therefore, it becomes essential to find the appropriate solutions that can turn your disorganized bathrooms into the perfect space you always wanted to have.

Those who have enough space in their bathrooms can easily install double bathroom vanities and do not have to worry about storing toiletries and other times.

But what about those who are short on space? That’s where WillowBath and Vanity’s experts come to give you guidance on how you can make the most of even your small bathroom.

Are you excited to read them? Let’s get started!  

Use these tips to make even the tiniest space more functional

Living in a compact apartment but wanting to achieve an amazing and spacious bathroom? Follow these tips to make a small bathroom look better:

Choose a compact vanity:

Picking a compact vanity from WillowBath and Vanity can help you make the most of your available space. For instance, choosing a 24 inch vanity is great when you want to optimize functionality without sacrificing your dreams. You can also consider narrow-depth vanities, which are made to suit small spaces and offer countertop and storage space with a thin profile that doesn’t overtake the room. 

Install a pedestal sink:

Ever considered hiring a pedestal sink for your small bathroom? Well, it can be a thoughtful decision when there is a need to save space on your bathroom sink countertop. By adding a pedestal washbasin, homeowners can effectively maximize the floor space and enhance the airy and open atmosphere that highlights a small bathroom’s spaciousness. In addition to visually brightening the space, a pedestal sink’s elegant and simple structure provides all the advantages of a sink without the bulk of a traditional vanity cabinet. 

Make creative use of mirrors and lights:

Two other bathroom essentials that can help it look larger are strategically placing lights and mirrors. Using large mirrors instead of small ones over the vanity is one way of making it look more spacious. Creating a mirror wall, where one wall surface is entirely covered with a mirror, is the perfect substitute for a window and its natural light, giving the impression that your room is much larger than it is.

Use smart organizers:

If you want your small bathroom to appear larger, we suggest you make use of smart organizers. Why? Well, because these organizers and trays are necessary to stock toiletries and ensure that everything has a designated spot and is accessible when needed. Homeowners can increase drawer storage space and keep a neat arrangement of tiny items like brushes, cosmetics, and accessories by using these organizers. 

Install a corner vanity:

A corner vanity can be of huge help to people who have really small homes. By installing corner vanities in your bathroom, you can utilize the unused areas easily. Finding one that matches the design of your bathroom is simple because they are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Aside from saving space, corner vanities can give your bathroom a distinctive look that sets it apart from the norm.

Make the use of vertical space:


It’s quite important to consider the vertical dimension in a small bathroom, as this helps to enhance the storage without taking up valuable floor space. These vertical storage solutions allow you to keep your bath toiletries, soaps, towels, etc., easily without disturbing the complete structure of your space or creating more chaos. Additionally, these vertical solutions also make your bathroom look more stylish and appealing in appearance. 

Final Tips

Now that you know that when redesigning a bathroom that is already short on space, you must consider these tips and keep them in mind. So that the next time when you purchase a vanity from Willow Bath and Vanity and are ready to customize your bath space, these tips will be locked in your mind.

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