Are You Adding Toxins to Your Food with These Utensils?


Do you know that food you are cooking with love for your family might be full of toxins?

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes, we do not pay attention to details like what utensils we use. As we carefully select quality ingredients for cooking in the same way, we should choose the type of utensil. 

Many utensils can be harmful, but on the other hand, using utensils made of some particular metals provides numerous benefits to your health. The main thing to keep in mind is that you use the correct type of utensil while cooking a particular food item.

If you do not know what metal is best for your kitchen essentials, then don’t worry. We will discuss in detail what kind of utensils you should discard and which ones to add.

What Kind of Utensils Should You Remove from Your Kitchen Cabinets? 

  • Low-quality stainless steel 

We buy stainless steel, seeing its affordability and lightweightness. It is a good option as it does not react with the food that you cook. The problem in stainless steel arises when it is made by mixing various materials such as nickel, silicon and chromium. If the mixing is not proper, then the metals will badly affect your food. So always check the quality of the vessel before making any purchase.

  • Non-stick cookware 

The non-stick cookware might seem as a worthy purchase of its claims. The non-stick utensils claim your food won’t stick and burn to the pan. The advantages that are highly promoted which dims its harmful effects. Your favourite non-stick pan is coated with Teflon. Teflon is a chemical coating made of carbon and fluorine atoms. On long durations of cooking or overheating, the Teflon layer can break, and the chemicals can seep into your food. Teflon has many harmful effects, such as changes in liver enzymes, thyroid problems and kidney problems. So, it is best to avoid the marketing gimmick of non-stick utensils that sell toxins.

  • Aluminum utensils 

Aluminium can easily leach on your food, giving rise to many harmful diseases in your body. The effect of aluminium is not felt immediately, but rather, it acts as a slow poison. Usually, we use a metal spoon to stir our food, but the spoon can further scrape the aluminium, causing it to seep into our food. Aluminium is so hazardous that it can cause cancer. If you have any aluminium utensils at home, then immediately get rid of it. 

  •  Utensils with scratches and small cracks

The utensils with visible scratches should be discarded immediately. If a vessel has a small crack, then chances are that food particles would get stuck and would not get out even by washing. So it’s better to go for some cookware shopping.

We have seen what kind of utensils we should avoid, but if you throw away these utensils, then how will you cook?

The solution is to keep reading to find out the perfect type of utensils to add to your kitchen.

Utensils That You Should Definitely Add in Your Cookware Collection

Let us dive into the utensils that will boost the nutrients in your food:

  • Earthen clay pots

Earthen clay pots allow slow cooking, which helps mix the flavours nicely. The clay pot is porous, which allows air circulation and moisture retention. The food cooked is light as you won’t need to add much oil. The clay pot is Made from natural material, so it is toxin-free and biodegradable.

  • Iron 

Iron has been part of many households as it offers a lot of benefits—utensils made from iron last for a long time, so it is a purchase that is durable. Iron distributes the heat evenly so your food will be cooked properly. Cooking in iron utensils will make your dishes rich in iron. Iron boosts the hemoglobin levels in the body. Whether you want to cook in an oven, stovetop, or open flame iron cast vessel is the choice on the go.

  • Bronze 

Bronze cookware not only looks beautiful and royal but also has many health benefits. Some benefits of using copper utensils include keeping good cardiovascular health, providing inflammatory properties, helping in fat loss, and boosting immunity. If you are cooking in a bronze pan, then avoid using ghee.

  • Brass

The use of brass utensils has been since ancient times. People discarded brassware when aluminium and ceramic cookware came on the market. The people are slowly turning back to brass vessels because of the benefits they provide. The brass produces melanin, which improves your skin health. It helps in improving the immunity system of your body.

  • Copper 

Copper cookware has numerous benefits, including saving your money from buying utensils for serving. The copper cookware looks so stylish that you can serve the food straight from the cooking vessel. It is durable and easy to clean. However, you should keep in mind to dry it properly after washing. 

Making small changes like changing your cookware can have a positive impact on your health in the long run. You can do other replacements, such as changing the vessels you eat in. You can use silver, bronze or copper vessels to serve your food. If you are hosting a party, replace plastic plates with paper plates. Purchasing good quality cookware will keep your dishes free from toxic chemicals. So, to make your food more nutritious, go for materials like copper, brass, iron and bronze.   

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