Best way to Get Long-Term Car Hire in Abu Dhabi 2024


Abu Dhabi, the capital metropolis of the United Arab Emirates, is known for its modern-day skyline, rich cultural historical past, and colorful lifestyle. For citizens and visitors trying to stay for an extended duration, lengthy-time period automobile rent is a brilliant option to explore the city and its environment conveniently and readily. Here’s an in-depth manual on long-term Rent a Car Abu Dhabi:

Benefits of Long-Term Car Hire

Cost-Effective: Renting an automobile on a protracted-time period foundation regularly comes with discounted costs as compared to each day or weekly rentals. This can lead to enormous financial savings, especially for those planning to live in Abu Dhabi for numerous months.

Flexibility: Long-time period rentals provide the ability to choose from an extensive variety of vehicles, whether or not you need a compact vehicle for city riding or an SUV for family journeys.

Maintenance and Insurance: Most car rental businesses consist of renovation and coverage of their lengthy-time period apartment packages. This means you might not have to worry about additional costs for servicing the vehicle or sudden repairs.

No Depreciation Worries: Unlike proudly owning a car, long-term leases eliminate issues approximately the vehicle’s depreciation through the years. You simply go back to the auto at the end of your rental duration without being stressed about the resale fee.

Convenience: Having a committed automobile permits you to travel at your pace and comfort, without counting on public transportation or experience-hailing services.

Key Considerations

Rental Duration: Long-time period leases typically range from one month to several years. It’s important to clarify the rental length with the issuer to make sure you get a pleasant rate and phrases.

Mileage Limits: Some condo agreements may also have mileage limits. Be positive to recognize any restrictions and capacity expenses for exceeding the allocated mileage.

Insurance Coverage: Verify the info of the coverage coverage included on your condo package. Additional coverage alternatives may be to be had for additional peace of mind.

Maintenance Policy: Check the rental employer’s renovation coverage to apprehend who is accountable for ordinary servicing and any associated expenses.

Vehicle Selection: Choose a vehicle that suits your needs. Consider elements including gas performance, area, and features to ensure consolation and convenience all through your life.

Popular Car Rental Companies in Abu Dhabi

Great Dubai: Known for its large fleet and dependable provider, Hertz offers competitive rates for long-term leases with many automobile options.

Avis: Avis offers flexible condo plans with comprehensive coverage insurance and upkeep help, making it a famous preference for lengthy-time period rentals.

Europcar: Europcar gives many cars and appealing long-time-period apartment programs, including options for business travelers and families.

Budget: Budget is known for its affordability and obvious pricing. They offer long-term period rentals with customizable alternatives to healthy unique wishes.

Thrifty: Thrifty presents a diverse choice of motors and bendy condo periods, alongside attractive reductions for long-term hires.

Steps to Rent a Car Long-Term in Abu Dhabi

Research and Compare: Start gaining knowledge of exclusive automobile apartment groups and evaluating their long-term condo costs, automobile options, and terms.

Book in Advance: To secure the pleasant costs and make certain availability, it’s recommended to ebook your long-time period rental in advance.

Review the Contract: Carefully examine the condo settlement to recognize all phrases and situations, which include mileage limits, coverage coverage, and maintenance duties.

Inspect the Vehicle: Before taking possession of the automobile, check out it thoroughly for any present harm and ensure it’s miles in the correct operating situation.

Stay in Touch: Maintain verbal exchange with the apartment agency for the duration of your rental length, especially if you encounter any issues or need to extend your apartment.


Long-term automobile hire in Abu Dhabi gives a practical and cost-powerful answer for citizens and prolonged-stay traffic. With numerous legit car apartment corporations offering lots of cars and bendy apartment terms, you may experience the liberty and convenience of having your transportation to explore this dynamic city and beyond.