Career Options That Can’t be Replaced with AI

Deciding what career you will pursue is a life-changing decision. Once you have set your foot in a particular direction, it can be difficult to switch to a different path afterward. 

The competition in every field was already overwhelming, but with the introduction of AI, pursuing a career with a wider scope has become difficult. The advancement in AI has made jobs easier and more precise. Many employers would prefer AI over humans for many reasons, such as:

  • Accuracy of work
  • Produce more in less time
  • No worry about paying wages
  • There are no emotions involved, so there is no chance of conflicts

The above reasons show that Artificial intelligence is going to take over many jobs. So, keeping in mind that AI is only going to be more prevalent as time passes, it is essential to choose a career that can’t be replaced with AI.

Some jobs like customer services, accountants, translators, and military services are a few of the jobs that AI would take over. But still, you don’t need to worry as there is a need to keep a check and review all the work that AI does. The job of looking over the work of AI can be done by those who study and train regarding those job profiles. But if you want to stay on the safer side, then these career options would definitely not be taken by AI: 

Careers That AI Can’t Take Over 

Here is a list of all the jobs that humans best handle: 


Art has been a way to express emotions and stories. The need for expressing feelings and emotions gave birth to many careers, such as musicians, singers, painters, theater performers, dancers, and actors. The artists know how to instill the abstract idea in their work. Art can only be created by feeling your own emotions or someone else’s emotions. For instance, a painter would see beautiful scenery and would mix colors to put what he feels on a sheet. It is the beauty of something that feels mesmerizing to the painter, which allows him to paint. Even if AI tries to create art, it won’t be the same as real art symbolizes something. 


AI can’t write something that readers can connect with instantly. Writing, whether for a book, a web page, or a script, is only successful if it has a human touch to it. Humans are full of emotions, and the emotions expressed in the form of words can help in connecting us. Artificial intelligence might be able to write something about a particular topic, but it can never put feelings into it. 


Teacher plays an important role in shaping the personality of a student. Sure, it is possible to make robots that explain all the information and take tests. But this agenda is bound to fail. Every student understands things differently. If a student comes up with a doubt, the robot will give the same programmed answer, which won’t help the student. The role of a teacher is not just limited to teaching what is in books but also to giving lessons that are valuable throughout life. A mentor is always there for every student to listen to any problems they face. AI might give answers that are accurate according to the curriculum, but only a teacher can give guidance to their students. 


The job of a counselor requires understanding what the person sitting across is feeling. A counselor has the power to take their clients from any difficulties and show them the path that is best for them. It would be difficult for anyone to express their feelings if a robot were sitting and giving computerized answers. Empathy is required to understand the problems of a person and counsel them. 

Entrepreneurs and Directors

Starting a new venture requires understanding a problem that a significant amount of the population is facing and creating a solution according to it. Innovating a solution requires thinking outside the box and molding it into a product or service. AI can help in various areas to run various activities but can’t think creatively to start a business. Moreover, starting a business requires a motive, whether it be earning profits, helping people, or fulfilling passion. AI is devoid of any passion and works on command, so it can’t start a business. The directors and CEOs are at the top of the company’s hierarchy, and they make major decisions for the company. The crucial decisions regarding the future of a company must be made in the hands of AI.


The evolution of science has only happened due to the thirst for knowledge and discovering the unknown. The universe is so vast to explore, and even on Earth, some places are still unexplored. Science is embedded in everything we can imagine, from the universe, humans, flora, fauna, and technology. The curiosity of scientists has led them to make great discoveries for humankind. AI can assist in doing research, but it can never have the curiosity for exploring and innovating. 

Sports players 

Just imagine you turn on the TV to see the match, but you see a bunch of robots on the field. That doesn’t sound exciting, right? That suspense on who will win can’t be predicted. It is almost impossible to make robots compete against each other as each one would have the same programming, so there won’t be a winner in the game. A proper game consists of tests of strength, agility, teamwork, and alertness of mind. So, the athletes are here to stay on the field.

Key takeaway 

AI is advancing and has started to assist many people in their jobs. In the coming years, the technology might become so advanced that AI will completely take over many jobs. However, it is evident that some jobs require more human work than AI work. It is because some jobs require creativity, some require empathy, and decisions and innovations for the good of humans can only be made by humans. In the end, it is safe to say that AI would not reduce employment because, after all, humans have invented AI. 

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