Covid Back in Singapore? Public Masks Made Compulsory With a Health Warning!

Just when we thought we were free from the significant global issues of Covid 19, there has been news from Singapore about the increase in cases.

The mask mandates and social distancing that were difficult for us to follow and restricted closeness between our loved ones have returned to this island country.

This is why, because of a recent increase in COVID-19 cases, Singapore has reinstated the requirement that people wear masks in all indoor public areas. It makes sense that this has worried some locals, who now question if the city is returning to the bad old days of 2020.

Let’s understand this situation more clearly!

Important points to note:

  • Due to its high transmissibility, the Omicron BA.5 subvariant is the primary cause of the current rise in the Covid 19 cases. 
  • Most occurrences are mild, and the number of hospital admissions and fatalities is still rather low.
  • As a preventative measure to stop the virus from spreading and to safeguard vulnerable groups, the mask mandate has been reinstated.
  • Even after receiving a vaccination, it’s crucial to maintain proper hygiene and social separation.

In the first week of December, a new wave of Covid 19 cases swept through Singapore, prompting the island nation to issue a travel advisory and reimpose mask mandates in public spaces.

With over 75% increase in the fresh Covid 19 cases in the first week of December, compared to the previous week, this has been gut-wrenching news. 

Nearly 24000 cases of this pandemic in just one week seem impossible, yet true!

Hospitals are under pressure, with average daily Covid admissions rising to 350—a substantial increase from the 225 admissions recorded just one week ago. There is a daily average of nine patients fighting for their lives in the Intensive Care Units, which are typically sanctuaries of last-resort hope.

Thus, in an attempt to regain control, authorities have released a travel advisory asking for both arriving and departing travellers to exercise caution and awareness. Also, once put aside or even thrown in the dustbin, masks are making a comeback and are now required in all indoor public avenues to restrict the spread of the disease. 

Vigilance is the Key: “MOH”

The days of carefree faces are long gone. Regardless of illness, the Ministry of Health Affairs of Singapore has strongly advised everyone to cover up in crowded areas, especially inside or when engaging with at-risk people. 

Airports, formerly places of exploration, are places of increased awareness today. Nowadays, wearing a mask is not merely elegant but an essential first line of protection.

Travel with responsibility:

With all the COVID cases, it’s obvious to worry if Singapore’s borders are open! But the visitors must proceed with caution. Check out the most recent travel advisories before setting out on your vacation. Plan appropriately and give responsible travel habits a top priority. Choose areas with good ventilation or overcrowded areas, and bring your mask along like it’s a necessary accessory. Remember that, once an afterthought, travel insurance can save lives. 

A collective teamwork:

While it’s not a return to lockdown, thank God! But we must take precautionary steps to protect ourselves and others from this adversity. Singapore is known for its adaptability and proactiveness, which has had difficulties. We can revert the trend and recover the lively life that beats beneath the shadow of the virus by adopting three preventive measures: masking oneself, traveling sensibly, and being informed.

Thus, dear visitors and locals, always remain cautious. With a spirit of shared responsibility, let’s navigate this surge together in the face of adversity.

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