Expert Ways: Export/Convert VCF/vCard Contacts to CSV Format


In Summary: you have two options if you want to convert VCF or vCard contacts to CSV file format: you can use a software solution or your hands. Users can choose to utilize the expert technique if they wish to convert a large number of VCF contacts to a CSV file format. The free approach is an option for those with plenty of spare time. Choose the most effective way to convert VCF contacts to CSV after reading the entire blog.

Why Should a Windows Computer Convert a vCard to a CSV File?

Let’s review some of the key components of CSV files in this part, which suggests why you should convert VCF files to CSV format on a Windows computer.

All contacts must always be kept as backups and kept in a manner that allows for easy access and transfer without any limitations.
Since CSV files are text files, any text editor can be used to simply modify them.
Large data sets are better organized using CSV files since they are simpler to handle.

To Convert VCF contacts to CSV contacts, use Google Contacts.

To manually convert the vCard contacts files to CSV, use the guide provided here.

  • Visit and log in with your credentials.
  • Go to Import in the Fix and Manage section.
  • Add the VCF files by selecting “Select File.” Select Import.
  • Click the Export icon, as indicated in the picture, to export the files.
  • Select the contacts that you just imported now.
  • Use Google or Outlook CSV as the file format. Select Export.

The Expert & Easiest Way to Convert VCF Contacts to CSV

Using this program to Export/Convert VCF/vCard Contacts to CSV without losing data is risk-free. Its intuitive UI makes it easy to use, even for new users. It helps with the conversion of VCF files to VCF contacts as well. DataVare Address Book Manager Software has a number of features that make it simple to convert vast amounts of data. The greatest and safest program for online VCF-to-CSV conversion is this one. There are no hazards associated with utilizing this product. There are a lot of benefits associated with it, so seize the chance to gain.

Key Benefits of the Windows PC Address Book Manager Tool

The program has various advanced functions while converting VCF to a CSV file, in addition to its user-friendly software interface. How does the application differentiate itself from other online services?

  • Convert one or more vCard files to CSV format with the tool’s support for multiple file conversion. Use the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) button to add files, then export multiple vCard files to Excel without any restrictions.
  • Preview vCard File: In the reading panel, the user can examine the vCard contact files prior to the conversion starting. Complete details, including phone number, email address, full name, and firm, are included in the vCard contact details.
  • Freedom to Select Place: You can also select the place in which you would like to store the converted CSV vCard contact files. Look through the saving path and pick a suitable position. The utility opens the folder containing the converted file when it has been placed, wherever that can be.
  • Obtain further possibilities as well: Other capabilities of the application include Split vCard Filer, which splits big vCard files according to keywords, multiple contacts, and each contact. Combine many VCF files into one file. Additionally, change the VCF version to 3.0 and 2.1.

FAQ: Convert vCard to CSV Using This Tool

Q1) I have over 2,000 contact listings in a large vCard file. In addition to wanting to convert the file, I also require another file that has the desired number of contacts from each CS V file. Is it possible to separate the files with the tool?
A1) You can use the “Split vCard Option” to divide the vCard file. Turn on the ability to divide VCF files across many contacts. and thereafter use “Convert to Other Format” to convert the split VCF files to CSV format.

Q2) Before converting, does the utility show a preview of the VCF file?
A2) All of the contact file details will soon be displayed by the program when you click on vCard Contact Details. To find out more details about the program, click the vCard file.

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