Gojek clone : On Demand Multi services App for entrepreneurs


The trends in business are dynamic things. A  trend that came out last year is no longer highly resourceful. All industries are evolving that fast. In the beginning, the delivery business was a single-delivery business. However, now the delivery business has become a multi-delivery business. 

You must have heard about multi-delivery platforms. Multi-delivery is giving services like grocery, food, taxi, handyman, and more. It helps users with time and convenience. Similarly, platform owners and delivery providers can earn a lot through the idea. 

If you are starting a business, Multi services are the best option. In this article, you can find a solution to develop a Multi-service app like gojek clone.

Let’s get in!

The Market Value Of The Multi services App

  • The Gojek app has been downloaded over 200 million times and has more than 2 million drivers and 500,000 merchants on its platform.
  • As of 2021, Gojek’s estimated valuation is over $10 billion. Gojek processes over 100 million transactions per month.
  • In 2020, Gojek delivered over 1.5 billion orders for food, groceries, and other items.

According to a source, the number will increase in the future. From the statistics, you can see that the Gojek app holds a lucrative future. 

Let’s see what are the benefits that help Gojek increase its size. 

The Benefits That Upscale Multi services App  

The benefits are a solution that helps the platform run successfully. Let’s look at the benefits in detail. 

Scalability And Growth Potential 

When someone is looking for an app performance, the first thing that they notice is scalability and how far they can expand even after the launch. The Multi services app fulfills this requirement highly.

For instance, if your business gets welcomed, you can expand it to all regions by replicating the same model. This benefit helps you to reach your broader audience. As the user base is increased by scalability, the platforms’ revenue increases. 

Multi-service apps come up with the best scalability. You don’t need to worry about the lackness of scalability. 

Competitive Edge  

You can enter the market only if you are unique from all your competitors. To stand alone, you need to use unique features, personalized services, attractive promotions, and the best user experiences. 

Above all, you need to follow trends that enhance your features to stay ahead of competitors. 

Let’s see what features to include to stay ahead of competitors. 

  • Smart signup
  • Business Type
  • Service sub-categories
  • Pick favourite one
  • Book service
  • Age validation
  • Promo-code management
  • Provider business type
  • DeliveryAll categories
  • Manual booking

Besides that, you need to use cutting-edge technology to make the platform function perfectly, UI/UX design for a good interface, and more. 

Increased Revenue Streams

You don’t need to follow specific strategies to increase revenue. Since the platform itself is a multi-service platform, the revenue in it is high. 

For instance, you can earn through commissions from ride-hailing, delivery fees from food and package deliveries, and advertising or subscription fees from partnered businesses. 

Let’s look at the revenue model in a nutshell.

Commission From Drivers

Gojeks’ main earning source is the commission fee. In taxi services, the platform takes an amount from the drivers whenever a booking is made. The platform owner fixes the percentage to be taken. If you are developing a multi-service app, make sure you use it wisely. 

Commission From Vendors

Gojek joins with multiple merchants to serve buyers and access a huge consumer. In return, they charge an amount whenever a service is made. 

When a vendor wants to do business on the platform, they need to pay an amount to the platform when they make a service.

Commission On Services

Gojek has a wide list of features allowed to the consumers in return for a significant amount. When consumers book any service from the app, they will have to pay an extra amount, which Gojek serves as their charge of the facility or charge for using the app.

Wide Range Of Services

The platform, with its expansive array of services such as taxi, food and grocery delivery, handyman assistance, and many more, truly caters to a diverse range of needs and desires. Gone are the days when users had to juggle multiple apps to avail themselves of different services. With the advent of this multi-service platform, the inconvenience of navigating between various applications is a thing of the past.

This innovative platform can be rightfully deemed a mini marketplace for multi-services, offering users the convenience of accessing a wide range of services all in one place. From transportation needs to satisfy hunger pangs, from fulfilling household repair and maintenance requirements to exploring countless other services, this platform encompasses a multitude of options to suit every user’s unique preferences and demands.

Established Business Model

Gojek  has seen huge success in the market because of its business model. Let’s see them at a high level to understand the business model. 

Key partners – delivery providers, banks, fundraisers, and governments. 

Key resources – consumers, app, drivers, and management team.

Value proportion – multiple services stores, flexible timing, embracing online presence, and more.

Cost structure – technological setup and running cost, salary to staff, and payment to delivery providers. 

If you want to know the rest of the business model, gojek clone source code contact an app development company for more assistance. 

Enhanced User Convenience

The success of the Multi services app is the convenience that it provides. Before users need to install a single app to get services, now the problem is over with multi-service platforms. Since the Multi services app provides multi-service in a single app, users don’t have to go for a single platform to get services. 

As mentioned earlier in the blog, the services are food and grocery delivery, taxi service, beauty services, carpenter services, and more. These services are on-demand in the market. 

If you are developing a multi-service app, include all on-demand services. You can increase revenue and at the same time, you can give users a convenient experience. 

Business Partnerships 

If we see it from a business perspective, the major benefit is collaborating with partnerships. You can partner with various service providers such as restaurants, grocery stores, retailers, and more. 

These collaborations help expand your service portfolio and allow you to tap into the existing customer bases of partnered businesses, leading to a win-win situation for both parties. 

Bottom Line

Hope the blog has brainstormed your mind into how the benefits make the Multi services app compelling. 

Breaking the statistic that the Gojek app is easy when you have a clear plan. Make your business skyrocket with a gojek app clone

If you want to know how to include those benefits in your multi-service app, read blogs related to it.