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Illuminate Your Home with Table Lamps and Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting

Are you someone who wants to bring a new change to your home? Does your home’s lighting system look boring and outdated?

Then, it is a sign to elevate the overall aesthetic of your home with new lighting. The lighting in your home plays a crucial role in making or breaking the look of your home. You can see many changes by purchasing and placing new lighting in your home.

New lighting helps brighten up every corner of your room, and the appealing designs are a cherry on top. Many lighting options in the market can create confusion, but worry not, as you can go for pendant and table lamps to transform your space.

If you want to replace the old bulbs and tube lights with something new, look for table lamps and pendant lighting. Both of these lights have their importance.

Keep reading further if you want to know more about them and where they are most suitable.

What is Pendant Lighting?

Pendant light is the type of light where a single bulb suspends from a rod, chain or cord from the ceiling. Sometimes, multiple pendant lights are arranged sequentially to give a mesmerising look. You can choose from the following types of pendant lights for your home:

Glass pendant lighting:

This is a simple yet the most common pendant light design. It is a popular choice as the clear glass helps diffuse light in all directions. It is best for studying and working in places where you need a lot of light.

Multiple cord pendant:

This type of lighting consists of multiple cords attached to a single pendant. It is best for kitchen places or large bedrooms. Multiple arms attached to a single linear core cord make installing various bulbs at once easy.

Rope pendant:

The bulb is covered by a hexagon-shaped shade made of rope. The rope pendant is best for entrances or balconies.

Dome pendant light:

The dome pendant consists of a shade that resembles the shape of a dome. The bulb is placed inside the crown to create a lighting effect that is soft yet impactful. The dome pendant comes in various materials and shades. It is suitable for dining areas and hallways.

Moran pendant light:

It consists of a linear suspension with multiple bulbs attached. The bulbs are placed in upward, downward, back and front directions. The bulbs facing different directions create a fun look. The Moran pendant lights are worth purchasing if you want to add a fun element to your living room.

Lantern pendant lights:

The lantern pendant consists of a bulb fixture inside a glass cage. The lantern design gives your home a vintage feel. The pendant light comes in various shapes and designs that allow you to give your home a royal aesthetic.

We have seen some amazing pendant lighting designs you can go for. Apart from pendant lights, you can use table lamps for direct and diffused lighting.

The table lamps are great for your bedrooms when you require dim lights while reading a book or relaxing with tea. Certain table lamp designs help to direct light in a focused area. The lamps that provide direct, intense light in a particular area are perfect for studying or working.

Here are some things you need to consider if you are going to purchase a table lamp:

Features to Look for in Table Lamp before Making a Purchase

Make sure to check out the following factors you need to see before buying a table lamp:

Height and width of the lamp:

Determine where you want to place your lamp. Measure your table and assess which size would fit the best. It is ideal if you go for a lamp size that does not cover all the table space.


There are many designs available in Table Lamps in Adelaide. If you are looking for a bedside table lamp, you can choose one that compliments the bedroom’s theme. If you want a lamp for your study table, a sleek design is best.

Lampshade material:

The lampshades are made from different materials, each with its purpose. If you want more of a dim light effect for your bedroom, it is best to go for thicker material that properly engulfs the bulb. Those who wish to have brighter light for study or work can go for a lampshade with fabric that allows more intense light.

Colour of the lamp:

The light’s intensity is also determined by the colour of your lamp. Darker colour make the light more warm and cosy while lighter colours make the light more cool and bright.

Conclusion: Your home will look gorgeous and well-illuminated with good lighting . If you are ready to transform your room’s lighting system, contact Decor Lighting for the best designs in table lamps and Pendant Lighting in Brisbane.

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