I’ve Had Enough; Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening To Me?

Ever feel like bad stuff keeps happening, and you’re stuck wondering, “Why me?” Is it just a coincidence, or am I unintentionally becoming a magnet for life’s unexpected challenges?”

It’s a puzzling thought, isn’t it? Despite your best efforts to steer clear of trouble, it seems to find you. Whether it’s a loss, a silly mistake, or an out-of-nowhere injury, you can’t help but ask the universe, “Really? Again?”

After the shock settles, it’s like your brain accepts it, saying, “Yep, this is my life, and it’s not changing anytime soon.

But hold, we don’t want you to settle on these assumptions.

Ready for a rewind or a change in tune? Let’s figure it out together.

Use Your Power of Choice:

Let’s be realistic, and understand this with a real example. I personally know someone who every day comes to me and complains about something that happened to her. Yesterday, it was a broken phone, the day before, a slip, and the list goes on.

At one point, I found myself wondering why she seemed to encounter problems every single day or at least every second or third day. It got me thinking, and upon reflecting on the situation and analyzing her behavior, I realised that her actions attract these problems.

Yes, trust me!

Let me explain this with another example. One rainy day, she was on her way to the office from home. After a while, the rain stopped but she got stuck in traffic. Her colleague suggested walking since the office was nearby, but she declined and kept waiting. After some time, she realized it wasn’t working, so she started walking towards the office, and then the rain started again.

She arrived at the office with wet clothes, started feeling bad for herself, and eventually had to leave because wet clothes in winter can make anyone sick.

The motive behind telling you about her story is that we all need to understand that this is where making a wise choice can help you avoid problems from the start. If she had made the right decision at the right time, she would not have found herself in her current predicament. So, the next time a problem arises, instead of feeling helpless, remember the power of choice you have. Choose how you react, adapt, and move forward. Sometimes, simply changing your perspective can transform how challenges affect your life. After all, life is a series of choices, and you have the power to make them wisely.

Stop Complaining and Be Grateful:

Life doesn’t always unfold as we expect. When things don’t go our way, it’s natural to start complaining, overlooking the possibility that what we have in the present moment might be the best for us or something we truly deserve.

Avoid mentally categorising events as inherently good or bad; just allow them to be.

Express gratitude to the universe and say, “Thank you for whatever I have. Perhaps, I deserve this at this very moment, and I commit to improving myself so that positive things naturally come my way.” Cultivating gratitude can be a source of strength during challenging periods, providing a broader perspective that makes difficult circumstances feel less overwhelming.

Accept the Reality:

Karma is a concept that I personally believe could be a reason for experiencing more suffering than others. However, many might not consider Karma a valid explanation for such differences in life experiences.

The concept of Karma is often perceived as the law of cause and effect, where our actions, whether positive or negative, influence our future experiences. To explain this with a realistic example, let’s consider a situation:

Suppose you’re walking in a park, and you see a stray animal that looks hungry. You decide to share a portion of your sandwich with the animal, an act driven by kindness and empathy. As per the concept of Karma, this positive action may influence your future experiences positively. It could lead to unexpected moments of joy, good fortune, or even a sense of fulfillment in your life.

In simpler terms, the idea is that the energy we put into the world, whether through our thoughts, words, or deeds, has a way of coming back to us in various forms. This is a basic interpretation of the concept of karma in everyday life.

It could be a karmic element you have to reckon with from your past life. You can delve deeper into Karma by exploring various in-depth studies.

Tips To Keep Yourself Strong Even When Things Go Wrong

Here are concise tips to help you stay strong even when facing challenges:

  1. Accept the Reality: Acknowledge the situation as soon as possible for a better coping mechanism.

  2. Slow Down: Take time to reflect before reacting. Give yourself a few hours or until the next day to approach the issue with a fresh perspective.

  3. Be Grateful: Practice gratitude daily. Thank the universe for what you have, and appreciate the small positive aspects of your life.

  4. Time Will Pass: Remember that challenging times are temporary. Be patient, focus on what’s within your control, and let go of what isn’t.

  5. Exercise: Engage in regular physical activity to promote healing, boost positive energy, and keep negative thoughts at bay.

  6. Prayer: Spend time in prayer or at a place of worship. Connecting with your spirituality can provide comfort and support.

  7. Meditation & Yoga: Practice meditation and yoga to relax, imbibe positive energy, enhance concentration power, and maintain a sense of calm during difficult times.

  8. Learn and Adapt: View challenges as opportunities for learning and personal growth. Identify lessons from unexpected situations to become wiser.

  9. Counseling: Consider counseling if nothing works. Open up to friends and family about your emotions. Sometimes, having someone supportive by your side who actively listens can significantly shift your perspective and provide a clearer outlook on things.


It’s essential to recognise that challenges are part of everyone’s journey, not exclusive to you. Our attitude and choices influence how we face these ups and downs.

Rather than dwelling on negativity, embrace the opportunity to learn from each mistake. Avoid neglecting issues and being careless, as this can contribute to your difficulties. Above all, maintain faith and trust in the power of belief and resilience. Remember, you are not alone in facing life’s adversities.

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