Lighting Basics: Three Types of Fixtures You Must Know About


Do you know that you can illuminate your space by combining different types of lighting?

You can install various types of fixtures, each one providing a different lighting effect. Just by switching to a different lighting, you can change the whole vibe of your room. Seems exciting, right?  

If you are eager to know how you can control the diffusion of light with different fixtures, then you are at the right place. In this blog we will discuss the three main different types of lighting: ambient, accent and task lighting. 

So let us shed some light on these 3 main lightings.

3 Types Of Lighting System Your Space Needs

Ambient lighting 

Also known as general lighting, this type of lighting helps to light the overall room. Whenever someone reaches for a switch to have a better view of the room, then it would probably be of ambient light. It evenly diffuses the light all around the room, thus creating a comfortable environment. Ambient lighting is a definite requirement in every room. Mostly, the lights on the ceiling are considered ambient lighting. Chandeliers and recessed lights are some common examples of this lighting. Some may even consider floor lamps as ambient light. Overall, this type of lighting seamlessly provides a soft glow to your room.

Accent lighting 

You can use accent lighting to highlight the particular feature of your space. This can include antiques, artwork, plants, the texture of the wall, or any other object hanging on the wall. It emphasises a particular object by focusing light directly on it. It helps in displaying the details of a particular thing better. Thus, it is the ideal type of lighting when you want to create a dramatic look in the room. However, remember to take great care while installing this light. This is because the distance you keep between the object and fixture plus the angles decide how properly the light will diffuse. Wall sconces, track lighting, and picture lighting are some examples of accent lighting.

Task lighting 

As the name suggests, this type of lighting plays its role when you need to do particular work. Whether it be completing assignments, making projects or light reading, you can do it all under the illumination of the task light. The task lights do not require installation. You can just place them on top of your table or cabinet. These fixtures come in a variety of pretty designs, so they are a decor for your room, too. The table lamps provide task lighting. You can, by searching for Bedside Table Lamps in Australia, get the fixtures that help you to concrete better without straining your eyes.

We have seen the three major types of lighting that you can install in your room. Now, the main question is how do you layer these lights in a perfect manner?

Here’s how you ensure that you install the ambient, task and accent lighting in the best way.

How to Layer the Three Types of Lighting?

Plan out everything 

Before you start with your search it is better to plan things first. For proper planning, you need to consider various factors. The size of your room, available light switch points, who will be using the space and if there are any spots you need to highlight.

Pick out ambient lighting first 

If you are confused about which type of lighting to buy first, then the answer is ambient lighting. The reason why you should choose ambient lighting first is that after installing it, your room will light up from all corners. With a room having light diffused everywhere you will be able to determine the missing spots where task and accent lighting is required.

Decide your vibe 

If you are someone who wants to have an energising vibe in the room then choose lighting with lighter colour shade. On the other hand, if you want to create a cosy atmosphere, then you should go for a fixture shade that is darker in colour. 


While layering the lights, the major thing that could go wrong is a mismatch in the fixtures. If you plan on using the two or all the lighting simultaneously, then you need to be careful that they are in harmony with each other. A room that is too bright because of layered lights is never a good idea. So, ensure you don’t go overboard while installing different types of lights.


Conclusion: By layering the accent, ambient and task lighting, you will not only create a well-lit but also an aesthetic space. In the mission of making your rooms more radiant, Decor Lighting can help you. They provide supreme lighting options along with quality Fans Online in Australia. So visit their website for the best lighting solutions.