Payroll Management Software For Time and Money-Saving


Payroll management software is an advanced technology that automates the process of maintaining and calculating employee wages or salaries. Find out more in this blog post! 

An automated payroll management system makes your payroll a breeze and also helps organizations save time. Most of the HRs spend their maximum day compiling and calculating employee wages. This not only becomes daunting but also increases the risk of human errors. This is where the Best Payroll Management System, TrackoField, cushions your business. Let us find out more about the field employee payroll management software in this blog post! 

What Is Payroll Management Software? 

Payroll management software is an automation tool that allows businesses to compile and calculate employee wages or salary invoices efficiently. The software ensures timely, super fast, and accurate payouts to field executives. It collects the employee attendance, leave, and working hours data to calculate the salary of employees accurately. 

Key Features of Payroll Management Software 

An automated payroll management system offers a wide range of features to simplify and automate the entire payroll management process. Some of these features are as follows: 

  • Attendance and Leave Management 

The software automatically collects insights into total working days, hours, holidays, and leaves from the attendance and leave management software that is integrated into it. You can use this innovative solution to create custom leave categories that include, casual leave, sick leave, and many others. Nonetheless, the software can be easily used to review and edit timesheets. 

  • Auto-Pilot Payroll Calculation 

The Field force management software helps to track your field employees while our Payroll Management system businesses calculate salaries with a single click. All the companies need to do is define the employees’ pay rate, establish overtime payout guidelines and highlight any other benefits or deductions. The software will auto calculate the accurate gross pay for each employee considering all the commands provided by you.

  • Accurate Payslip Generation 

Your HRs need not spend time creating manual salary slips for each employee individually. The automated payroll management software takes care of this for you. It helps you create precise salary invoices based on the actual working hours, salary or hourly rates, and claims (if any). The clear breakup of salary components ensures transparency for both the management and employees. 

Benefits of Payroll Management Software 

Investing in payroll management software not only makes things easier but it also helps businesses in many other ways. Given below are some more Benefits of Payroll Management System of the best payroll management software

  • Reduce Errors 

No company wants to mess up with employees’ salaries. It is the bread and butter for most of the employees. Therefore, any payroll mistake may cause hardship for you and your employees. Additionally, your employees may lose trust in the organization and start looking for other opportunities in case of errors. 

The automated payroll management software helps in calculating the accurate deductions, overtime pay, bonuses and commissions. This reduces the risk of mistyping or any other manual errors. 

  • Save Time 

From hiring to onboarding, the human resource department has a lot of tasks on its plate. Automating the payroll process will ensure that your remote employees can utilize a lot of time on other tasks. 

For instance, your company is introducing a new policy. Henceforth, the human resource team needs to spend the maximum time working on that policy. They can simply calculate the salary using the payroll management software within a few minutes. 

  • Save Costs 

The best payroll management software might sound costly for some individuals. But do you know what? It is the most efficient investment that contributes efficiently in saving costs for your organization. It enables you to reduce the most critical errors that can drop your cost in a long time. 

  • Enhance Data Security 

Gone are the days when paperwork and spreadsheets were the right places to store important payroll data. The automated payroll management software encrypts your data which limits authorization access. What’s more? It’s easy to update passwords, send training reminders, and authenticate users through this advanced solution. 


A payroll management software is an automation tool that enables businesses to simplify the entire payroll process. The best payroll management software is TrackoField. Why? This is because it provides a range of in-built and custom features. Need a demo? Schedule it now!