Perfect & Efficient Manner to Break/Split VCF (vCard) Contact


In brief, do you find it difficult to handle large VCF files? Is it your intention to divide VCF into many files? Smaller VCF files are, of course, easier to manage. Therefore, we’ll discuss how to divide VCF files in this blog post—either manually or with the help of a specialized vCard Splitter Tool. Read the blog through to the end since we’ve covered all you need to know.

How Can I Divide a VCF File into Many Files?

This section will cover two widely used techniques for VCF splitting. The manual process is one, and employing a specialized, expert approach is the other. Let’s talk about each one separately.

Divide Huge vCard Files Into Several Files: A Manual Approach

Hand-process division of VCF is one method. Although this process is free, it takes a long time to complete. This is a simple, step-by-step tutorial.

First Step: Creating Window Contacts from VCF Files

  • Go to %username%contacts on C:user.
  • Then find the Import button.
  • Open the dialog box with the Import Windows Contact option.
  • Click Import after selecting VCF as the file format.
  • Choose the VCF file that you wish to divide now.
  • Next, select the feature to split VCF into numerous contacts.
  • Additionally, the property window will be automatically accessed by you. Press OK.
  • Proceed to the next stage, which involves combining Windows Contacts into a single VCF file, in order to split VCF files into numerous files.

Move Windows Contacts Into a Single VCF File in Step Two

  • Find the Export button under the Window Contacts panel in this step.
  • If you need to select more than one part, hold down the Ctrl key.
  • Click Export Windows Contact and choose vCard.
  • To continue, click the Export button now.
  • To complete the procedure, click the OK button at the end.
  • This concludes the manual process of managing vCard in numerous files.

Using the Expert Approach to Divide VCF Contacts:

An entirely safe tool for exporting contacts into PST, OST, MSG, NSF, CSV, and Excel file formats is the TrustVare Contact Manager Software. Using the tool for these operations is completely safe. This sophisticated tool is simple to install on any Windows operating system version. This program has a number of features that facilitate the conversion process. This utility allows users, both technical and non-technical, to import contacts from various formats, including OST, PST, and NSF.

With this utility, users can efficiently break or split VCF (vCard) contacts without requiring any other software. Additionally, the program can merge several smaller VCF connections into a single one. Using this tool for these activities is totally safe. The space this software takes up on your Windows computer is negligible. Before exporting or importing your VCF contacts into the tool, you can obtain a complete preview of them. With this program, users can separate and merge their VCF connections, saving time and effort. Download the app’s free sample version to discover even more features and options.

Steps to Split VCF Contacts into Small Parts:

  • First, download the software via the official website.
  • Open the free demo edition version of this software.
contacts manager
  • Start the tool and select the large-size VCF contact file.
  • Now preview all VCF cotnact files before separating into small chunks.
duplicate contacts
  • Choose the required location on the desktop to save the multiple files.
  • After all the steps, hit the “Break Now” icon and start spilling VCF contacts.
import export vcf

A Common Question Asked by Users:

How can I divide a VCF file into several different files?

The TrustVare Contact Manager Tool is one such professional tool that you can use, or you can split the VCF manually. There are two main phases in the manual process:

  • VCF to Windows Contact Conversion
  • Export Contacts from Windows onto a Single vCard
  • To divide VCF files, a professional tool provides a more precise and efficient method.

How do I take contacts out of a VCF file?

There are several ways to extract contacts from a VCF file.
Use a suitable program, such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Contacts, to open the VCF file. Next, export the contacts in the format of your choice. Open an address book or email client and import the VCF file. Additionally, export each contact or all of them.

  • To extract contacts from VCF files and store them in other formats, such as CSV, use specialized software programs.