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Select The Ideal Pendant Lighting and Table Lamps for Your Home

Are you ready to transform the look of your home with new lighting? Do you need some guidance on making the right buying decision?

You are in the right spot, so there is no need to worry about making any selection. You can make the perfect selection of lights by keeping a few considerations in mind before making a final purchase decision.

There are many styles of pendant lights and table lamps available. You can become overwhelmed and confused by seeing a lot of options. It is essential to consider several factors before making any crucial decision. The place where you want to install lights, selecting the perfect shade, design, and ceiling height are the most important factors to check before proceeding.

Let us discuss how you can illuminate your home with perfect lighting by considering some key points before buying.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Pendant Lighting

You need to consider the following factors before installing pendant lighting:


You should consider the style that suits the room best amongst many available options. It is best to go with simpler designs if you are going to install lighting in the bathroom or kitchen. Fancy designs are best for living rooms and bedrooms. If your room’s overall style is simple, you can add a fun element to the space with a unique pendant design.

Pendant shades

There are many pendant shades available that not only provide style but also decide how much light will be diffused. Shades of thicker material provide dim and warm light, while lighter materials provide bright and cool light. Pendant shades are made of metal and provide warmer light, while clear glass and paper provide brighter light.

Height of the ceiling

The height of the ceiling also decides the kind of pendant lighting that is best for you. If the ceiling height is less than 7-8 feet, it is best to avoid pendant lighting in that area. The ceiling height should be at least 7 feet to ensure no one hits their head on the hanging fixtures. Also, while installing pendant lighting in the bathroom, ensure the lights are fixed at a safe distance from the bathtub and water sources.

Size of the pendant lighting

If your room is not very wide, pendant lights should be small and positioned near each other. You can also go for pendant lighting, which has a core component supporting multiple arms with bulbs. If you have ample space, then you can go with pendant lights that can be positioned in a linear form, creating a beautiful pattern.

We have seen the top considerations you need to make before purchasing pendant lighting. Now, we are moving to our next lighting system, table lamps. You can upgrade your bedroom’s aesthetic with the perfect lamps. But how do you determine which table lamps are ideal for your bedroom?

Keep on reading further to find out.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Bedside Table Lamps

The bedroom lamps should be bought in a pair for each bedroom. You must remember that you already have a lighting system, so you don’t need something that illuminates the whole room. The following points will guide you in selecting the most suitable Bedside Table Lamps:

Theme of bedroom:

You need to analyse the overall vibe of your room. Contemporary, vintage, pastel themes, minimalistic, royal and modern are some common aesthetics of the bedrooms. You must also focus on the colour scheme that can help to choose the ideal lamp colour and shade.

Surface space bedside table: Consider the available space on the table’s surface. You might already have kept some decor items on the table. You can make space for the lamp by removing the decorations from the table. You can also consider buying a small lamp to accommodate the lamps and other decoration pieces, such as vases or frames.


Last, you need to consider the price range when buying a pair of table lamps. Make sure not to compromise on quality while looking for an affordable option. You can get both quality and budget-friendly options from a good brand.

Conclusion: A lighting system selected after considering various factors such as style, size and placement can give a makeover to your home. If you are ready to add spark to your home, contact Decor Lighting for excellent table lamps and Pendant lighting in Perth.

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