Style Your Home Now With The Classic Parquetry Flooring!


When buying a home, many homeowners get excited about designing it by themselves. This can be either because they dream of having their own home or because they are keen DIY enthusiasts and want to create everything of their choice.

Well, whatever the reason, many elements create the vibe of any room. One of them is flooring.

Setting up a particular type of flooring is crucial in creating your home’s interior design. Today, many flooring types are available in Australia with pros and cons, and one can choose whatever they like.

Some may include engineered, laminate, parquetry, etc., even though many carpet stores in Adelaide can buy designer carpets if you do not want to invest in flooring types.

The choice is yours! However, we are here to talk about one flooring choice for homeowners that can make their homes look vibrant and stylish, both at the same time.

Let’s dive in now!

What is parquetry flooring?

Little wooden slats are arranged in particular patterns to form the wood flooring known as parquet. Every square inch of the flooring is covered in these unique designs.

Parquet wood flooring was first laid piece by piece. This procedure has now been modified to support parquet tile forms. Wooden slats joined by a supporting substance form the basis of these tiles.

If you are thinking about gluing, nailing, or sticking these pieces of wooden tiles to your subfloor, then you must make this decision as these floors give you the perfect look, texture, and feel of the floor you walk on.

Different styles of parquetry flooring

The fancy wood patterns laid out in cool shapes like zigzags, v’s, squares, or even fancy flares are known for adding a touch of class to any area they are installed in.

Some of the unique parquetry flooring designs available in Australia are:

  1. Herringbone: This traditional Australian favourite has a clean, tidy appearance akin to a fishbone, making it ideal for a room where you wish to feel cosy and inviting.

  2. Chevron: It is a stylish pattern characterised by a herringbone design. It has a touch of attitude, and when combined with a contemporary touch, the V-shaped look created by the angled boards is particularly appealing.

  3. Basketweave: This weaving involves connecting squares or rectangles to create a soft, wooden rug-like surface. Whether a room is modern or classic, it’s ideal for adding some texture and balance.

  4. Parquet de Versailles: This type is the biggest and most luxurious one. It features various shapes and patterns, creating a regal and sophisticated look for any room.

Note: These are just a few of the most common parquetry flooring types we have listed above.  

5 reasons why you need to invest in this flooring type

  1. Strong and highly durable: Parquet flooring comprises numerous little wood tiles that are securely attached. This makes them ideal for busy locations, particularly those with children and pets. They are resilient enough to withstand a lot without getting damaged, so it’s better to take care of these floors and handle them carefully.
  2. Customisation available: We don’t know about other flooring brands in Australia, but First Choice Flooring lets you create your patterns. You can choose from various fascinating designs, such as squares or zigzags, or even create your design. It’s like having Legos for your grown-up floor, only with wood.

  3. Spill-resistant: Parquetry floors are designed to make them resistant and free from spills and accidents. If any portion of the floor gets damaged, you can easily replace that specific tile, restoring it to its original condition. It’s a convenient solution that makes your floor appear flawless, using wood and adhesive.

  4. Comfort yet money saver: Parquet feels like a special blanket for your feet. It’s made of wood that keeps the heat in, which makes your home feel super cosy. Moreover, it helps you save money on heating bills too! It’s like getting two good things at once!

  5. Fire resistant: Regarding parquet flooring, sparks are not something you need to be concerned about. This type of flooring is inherently resistant to fire, which ensures your safety and that of your loved ones. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritise safety above all else.


Now that you know about this wooden art masterpiece, why not invest too? First Choice Flooring deals with various types of flooring, and parquetry is one of them. Contact their experts today; they will guide you on which flooring type would suit you under which weather conditions.

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