The Benefits of Routine Car Service Check Regularly


The MOT Test in Reading is also extremely important. This is an annual check that is required by law in the UK for most vehicles that are over three years old. During the test, many different parts of your car are inspected to make sure they meet the legal safety and environmental rules and standards.

Importance of Regular Car Servicing

If you have a car, one of the most important things is to make sure it runs smoothly and safely. This means taking it to get serviced regularly by mechanics who know what they are doing. Getting a Car Service in Reading can help ensure your vehicle is working properly and running like it should. Getting your car serviced on a routine basis is crucial for several key reasons:

Maintain Performance

Over time as you drive your car, parts can get worn down and not work as well. Fluids can get dirty. And different components may need adjusting or replacing. Getting your car serviced regularly ensures it keeps running at its best performance by fixing these kinds of issues before they cause bigger problems.

Prevent Breakdowns

Small issues like a loose battery cable or low fluid levels might not seem too bad. But they can potentially leave you stuck and stranded on the side of the road if not fixed. When you get your car serviced, the mechanics identify and fix these minor issues to reduce the risk of your car breaking down unexpectedly when you need it most.

Improve Safety

Checking for safety issues is a key part of any good car service. The brakes, lights, tyres, steering system and suspension system are all thoroughly inspected. If any problems are found, they get corrected to keep you and others safe while driving on the roads.

Save Money Long-Term

While getting your car serviced costs some money upfront, it saves you from having to pay for much bigger and more expensive repairs down the road. Fixing small inexpensive issues early prevents you from having to pay for very expensive repairs or replacements later on.

The MOT Test Explained

What Happens During an MOT?

The yearly MOT test checks that your vehicle meets the minimum legal standards for road safety and environmental rules. Some of the key things that are checked include:

  • The brakes are checked to make sure they work properly, perform well, and are in good condition
  • The tyres are inspected to ensure they have enough tread depth, no damage, and the right pressure
  • All lights are tested to ensure they are working and functioning correctly
  • The steering and suspension systems are checked for any excessive wear or damage
  • The exhaust system is examined to make sure there are no leaks or other issues
  • The body and overall vehicle structure is inspected for any corrosion or damage

If any problems or faults are found during the MOT inspection, you must get them repaired before the MOT certificate can be issued and your vehicle can pass.

Why the MOT is Important

While the law requires you to get the annual MOT Reading, it is about much more than just avoiding fines or penalties. The checks that are performed during the MOT dramatically improve how roadworthy and safe your vehicle is.

A car with faulty brakes or issues with the steering puts you, your passengers, and others on the road at risk of being in a very serious accident. Problems like cracked windshields or dim lights also make driving less safe because they limit vision and visibility.

The environmental checks done as part of the MOT also ensure your vehicle isn’t producing too much pollution that could harm air quality and the environment.

When to Get Your Annual MOT

You must get an MOT test done on your vehicle starting the third year after it was first registered as a new vehicle. After that, you need to get the MOT test done every year. The earliest you can have the MOT test done is one calendar month before the expiry date of your current MOT certificate.

What to Do After Failing

If your car fails the MOT test on one or more points, you have the choice to get the failed items repaired and then have a partial re-test done. This partial re-test is cheaper than having to pay to do the full MOT test over again.

However, you cannot legally drive the vehicle on public roads again until any dangerous faults have been fixed and the partial re-test has been passed to show those issues are resolved.

Finding a Good Service and MOT Centre

There are usually several different garages and auto repair workshops in most areas that offer both car servicing and MOT testing.

  • Find a centre that employs experienced, qualified mechanics
  • Choose one that services and tests your specific make and model of car
  • Compare pricing and labour rates to find competitive and fair costs
  • Look at online reviews to find a centre with a good reputation
  • See if the centre has accreditation like ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)

Once you find a good local service centre you trust, stick with them for future service and repairs. An experienced mechanic who already knows your car can often spot small issues early before they turn into bigger problems.

Get Your Car Serviced and Tested Regularly!

To keep your vehicle running safely and reliably for years to come, don’t ever skip the routine servicing appointments and the yearly MOT test. Fixing small inexpensive issues when they are first found is much easier and cheaper than waiting until you need major repairs due to neglect.