The Role Of AI Paraphrasing Tools In Content Creation

AI has come a long way. Today we use AI in all sorts of applications and processes to hasten them. Writing is not exempt from this either. Today, all sorts of AI tools can help writers do their work efficiently. 

Our topic today is the role of AI paraphrasing tools in content creation. Paraphrasing is the act of restating a text by changing its appearance but not its meaning. 

The simplest form of paraphrasing is replacing words with their synonyms. 

An AI paraphraser is a tool that can apply all sorts of paraphrasing techniques on a given text and strive to achieve some set goal. Let’s see how that can help with content creation.

Uses of AI Paraphrasing in Content Writing

Given below are four points that will help you realize the role of AI paraphrasing in content creation.

  • Unique Content Creation 

The first point is unique content creation. In content writing, the uniqueness of the text is very important. Unique text tends to rank high in the SERPs (Search engine results pages), and it attracts more attention. This is highly desirable in the content marketing space.

You may ask, where does AI paraphrasing come into the picture? The answer is that AI paraphrasing makes it extremely easy to make unique content. 

Basically, it alleviates a writer’s need to write unique content because they can just use an AI paraphraser to do it instead.

An AI paraphraser can be instructed to “make the following content unique,” and it will change the following things to fulfill that order.

  • Words and phrases
  • Tone and delivery
  • Sentence structure

Here is an example of an AI paraphraser doing all of the listed things.

  • Readable Content 

Content writers have to create content that is interesting, engaging, and most of all readable. The average reading age of the average adult is not very high. So content writers tend to keep the readability grade of their write-ups around grade six to eight. 

Now, here is the problem. There is a massive case of content saturation going on due to excessive content marketing online. 

To make their content stand out from the crowd, writers try to make it unique. It’s just that too many times, they end up writing content that has low readability.

But with AI that’s no problem anymore. Writers can turn their low-readability content into highly readable content by using free paraphrasing tool comes with specific modes that are programmed to enhance readability.

Since this function exists even as a free paraphrasing tool, all kinds of writers (students included) can use it to make their content more readable. This takes a lot of the edge off of editing.

  • A/B testing

In content creation, writers sometimes have to create multiple copies of the same content. This is usually done in content marketing to cater to different types of audience personas. 

This is known as A/B testing. Now, manually creating these copies is tedious and time-consuming. But with an AI paraphraser that is no longer an issue.

Content writers can use an AI paraphraser that can change the tone of the content to create a second copy of their work. 

All they need to do is either find a free paraphrasing tool that has a tone-changing mode, or they can use something like an AI chatbot to create a copy in a specific tone.

Some of the best tools for that function are available for free such as the Bing AI, Bard, and ChatGPT. Content writers can use these free tools to create copies for A/B testing and see which one performs better.

  • Save time in the Content Creation Process

This is one of the best advantages of using an AI paraphrasing tool. Content creation is a long process. There is a lot of proofreading, editing, and rewriting required to create a single work. 

After all, writers are only human, and they can’t work at their best all the time. Inevitably, their work needs to be proofread and edited to make it better. That can sometimes take longer than writing the initial draft.

To save this time, writers can use an AI paraphraser instead. After proofreading their work, writers are better informed as to what needs fixing. 

They can simply pick out the parts that need to be edited and feed them to paraphraser. 

The paraphraser will restate them and fix their shortcomings. They can make them more readable, less wordy, more interesting, and unique. 

A paraphraser can even correct common grammar mistakes too. So, whatever you need the paraphraser will do it in just a few seconds. 

And that is how work that needs hours gets done in minutes and that is huge for productivity. 

  • Content Repurposing

Content creation is not solely limited to making new content from scratch. Quite a lot of it requires that you reuse older pieces of content and repurpose them into new content. This is known as repurposing content. 

In the blogging and content creation circles, previously published items become obsolete over time. 

That’s because the information in them becomes outdated and the ideas become defunct. This causes them to become irrelevant. But that does not happen all the time. 

Many times, a content piece does not perform well simply because it was not presented to the right audience or in the right way. 

This type of content is typically updated with new information and then repurposed for a different audience. 

Another way of repurposing written works is altering different mediums of content and translating them into another medium. 

For example, a blogger may take several posts pertaining to a single topic and then repurpose them into an E-book. Another example is that of taking some copies and turning them into an infographic.

AI paraphrasing can help with all of these things. Content creators can take the older content and run it through a paraphraser to change it up to suit a different medium. 

This is possible because AI paraphrasers can change the tone and delivery of content to suit certain needs.


That is the role of AI paraphrasers in content creation. They can help with many different aspects of content writing, and they can make the entire process more efficient. So, use these tools for your writing and you will become more efficient and productive in your work.