The Ultimate Guide to 72-Inch Vanities: Luxury Meets Functionality

Ready to elevate your bathroom space? You can make your bathroom look great and bold by adding timeless and astonishing bath decor products.

One such bathroom accessory that can make your master bathroom worth entering is a double sink vanity.

A double vanity is a popular piece of bathroom furniture that has two sinks, countertops, and a storage space. Thus, this bathroom vanity with sink is perfect for large bathrooms and is designed especially for two or more individuals. These units are especially beneficial for couples or families who share a bathroom, as they provide ample storage space for keeping bathroom essentials organized.

With the addition of two sinks, double vanity units offer extra drawers, cabinets, or shelves underneath the countertop, allowing for a tidy and clutter-free bathroom.

Let’s discuss the most popular and lavish 72-inch double sink vanity today.

Why Do 72-inch Vanities Look So Good in Big Bathrooms?

If you have a big bathroom, you already know that such bathrooms deserve a statement piece that complements the overall aesthetics, and 72 inch vanities perfectly fulfill this role by offering a combination of beauty and functionality.

These generously sized vanities serve as a focal point, bringing a sense of harmony and symmetry that may not come with a single sink or small vanities.

Moreover, these double sinks are a practical and luxurious addition to any bathroom, especially for busy mornings, for creating separate spaces for them. The 72 inch double sink vanity provides plenty of space where you can get freshen up and do your makeup, both at the same time.

Ultimately, this type of vanity combines luxury and practicality, tuning your large bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

Top Benefits of Choosing 72 inch Vanities

For those fortunate enough to enjoy the advantage of having spacious bathrooms, having a 72 inch bathroom vanity can prove to be beneficial in so many ways. These are:

  1. Enough Storage:

    Are you tired of the crowded cabinets and messy countertops in your bathroom? It’s time to say goodbye to them, as this vanity offers you plenty of storage space. It can easily accommodate all your bathroom necessities, thereby allowing you to be stress-free thinking about how to organize everything the moment you step in. The vanity is also comprised of various drawers, cabinets, and spacious shelves, that help to maintain a peaceful and organized bathroom environment.

  2. Enjoy Double Sinks:

    Having two sinks in a bathroom makes it a stress-free experience for family members. With ample space to accommodate two sinks, this vanity design ensures that morning routines run smoothly without any chaos or unwanted arguments. Therefore, not only does this vanity prevent any rush-hour chaos, but it also creates luxury by creating a lavish his-or-her arrangement.

  3. Design Statement:

    In addition to providing functionality, this 72-inch bath vanity also serves as a captivating centerpiece in your bathroom. With a plethora of unique design options available at Willow Bath and Vanity, you can effortlessly create a vanity that perfectly complements your bathroom’s style and serves as a true reflection of your unique personality and taste.

  4. Enhances the Overall Look:

    When it comes to creating a perfect bathroom aesthetic, you cannot forget that having a small vanity in a big bathroom will not be able to create the vibe that you want. However, by choosing a large vanity like 72 inches, you can ensure that it not only fits perfectly but also enhances the overall appeal of the bathroom. The big size of this vanity helps you create balance and proportion, thus making the entire bathroom look stunning to the eyes.

  5. Affordability:

    Do you think luxury comes at a huge expense? What if we say it’s all bluff? Double sink vanities, including 72 ones, are surprisingly affordable and cheaper than adding a second bathroom vanity. They offer the convenience of having two sinks, eliminating the frustration of sharing one sink. These vanities come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, catering to different budgets.


Bathroom vanities play an important role in creating your desired bathroom that is stunning, attractive, functional, and spacious. But this only happens when you make the right choice for a large bathroom. Having a 72 inch vanity is going to be your best decision ever. So why wait? Buy now from Willow Bath and Vanity.