Top Reasons to Replace Your iPhone Battery Today


There are several reasons why your iPhone is giving you trouble, such as hardware and software issues, water and physical damage, screen issues, and a non-working camera. However, if the battery is causing problems, the whole device will suffer. So, iPhone users should know the signs they need an iPhone battery replacement service, such as:

  •         iPhone Battery Life is Diminishing
  •         Your Phone Charges Slowly
  •         Abrupt Shutdowns are an Issue
  •         Low Battery Health Indicated
  •         iPhone Battery Charged only 80%
  •         Your Phone Overheats Frequently
  •       Swollen Battery 

What are the Reasons for iPhone Battery Replacement?

As time passes, your iPhone’s battery life becomes limited, affecting the overall performance. Some think a poor battery can be due to a faulty charger and a damaged charging port. While this is partially true, the battery is the main hidden culprit. So, here is why you should consider replacing your iPhone battery.

iPhone Battery Life is Diminishing

The most apparent and common reason to replace your battery is that you notice its life is deteriorating. If your phone has been charging longer than usual, the battery life is diminishing. This also leads to shorter iPhone usage time and poor performance, so replacing the battery becomes inevitable.

Your Phone Charges Slowly

Are you keeping your iPhone on charge for a long time and still unable to reach 100%? New Lithium-ion batteries charge fast. However, if the charging time extends, this indicates that the iPhone battery is degraded and needs replacement. Your productivity and fun time on your phone will decrease because your phone is charging most of the time.

Abrupt Shutdowns is an Issue

Have you noticed that your phone has been shutting down more frequently? This can be the most frustrating issue because it can disrupt your phone’s activity and lead to data loss. This happens because the battery is unable to hold the power. You can notice the abrupt shutdown if the battery icon shows any indication. Sometimes, the icon shows a full battery, but after a few minutes, your device suddenly shuts down, and it will require an iPhone battery replacement.

iPhone Battery Charged only 80%

Your phone remains plugged into the charger, but the battery icon doesn’t reach 100%. Sometimes, apps and other features run during charging, which can also be a reason for the battery to remain at 80%. However, if the issues remain unsolved despite shutting down the features and apps, the problem is within the battery.

Low Battery Health Indicated

Apple has introduced the iPhone battery health check feature for many models. This feature provides insight into the health of your iPhone battery. A new phone battery should indicate 100%. However, if the battery life becomes significantly low, you should immediately replace it.

Your Phone Overheats Frequently

Several reasons can cause the phone to overheat, including high screen brightness, malware, streaming, gaming, high temperatures, and software glitches. However, a failing battery can also cause overheating because it produces excessive heat.

A Swollen Battery is a Sign of Danger

A swollen battery will never go unnoticed because your iPhone might increase in thickness. This is also a safety risk because the battery might explode and cause physical harm to the user. You should immediately take your iPhone for professional iPhone battery replacement.

What are the Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Health?

After battery replacement, people often don’t follow simple tips that could prolong their battery life. They start using the phone as they used to, which poorly affects the iPhone’s health. So, here are some tips to improve the battery’s life.

Don’t Charge Your iPhone for Too Long

The first tip iPhone users should focus on is not to leave their devices on charging for too long when they reach 100%. This will put a strain on the battery and deteriorate its health.

Turn off Unused Features and Apps

Another tip is to turn off unused apps and phone features, such as location service, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This will improve iPhone performance.

Don’t use Your Phone While Charging

This is a hazardous habit that device users have when using the phone while charging. It interrupts the proper charging and can also cause the phone to overheat.

Keep iPhone Away from Extreme Temperatures

Always remember not to keep your iPhone in places with extreme temperatures. Exposure to extreme heat will overheat the phone and affect the battery.

Keep the Screen Brightness Minimum

Keeping the screen brightness to a minimum is another way to ensure your iPhone works appropriately and you won’t need to replace the battery again.


To conclude the discussion, there are several reasons for iPhone battery replacement you must learn about, including diminished battery life, slow phone charging, abrupt shutdowns, swollen battery, and more. You can take your device to an Apple shop or a third-party store for professional replacement service.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point should you replace the iPhone battery?

You should consider an iPhone battery replacement if it shows diminished battery life, unexpected shutdowns, swelling, slow charging, or overheating. Or if Battery Health drops below 80%.

Is it worth getting an iPhone battery replaced?

Yes, getting an iPhone battery replaced is worth it. It restores performance, extends the device’s lifespan, prevents unexpected shutdowns, and avoids the cost of a new phone, ensuring reliability.

Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast?

Your iPhone battery may be draining quickly. This could be due to apps running in the background, a bright screen, active features like Bluetooth and location services, old software, or a bad battery.