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What Qualities Solicitors Must Have for Deceased Estates in Adelaide


When a loved one dies, it is the most hurtful and painful thing to witness. You haven’t even fully recovered from their grief, and you already have so many responsibilities to deal with.

If you postpone these, someone else may try to take advantage of it. Hence, you must pay crucial attention to the work a loved one has put on your shoulders.

It can be anything from caring for other family members to managing their estate assets. If you have been nominated to be an executor to care for all the estate planning needs, doing everything independently can be challenging and confusing.

Therefore, you need the guidance of experts in handling deceased estates in Adelaide

Since lawyers are not “one-size-fits-all”, different lawyers specialise in different areas. So you may get confused about whom to ask to help you with this matter as you don’t want to waste your time and money on hiring inexperienced lawyers.

This is why we have created this blog post that can help ease your journey of finding an apt solicitor who can help you with deceased estate planning in Adelaide.

Here’s what you need to know.

Qualities to look for when hiring solicitors in Adelaide

If the deceased loved one created a will and appointed you as an “executor,” then you need to follow some legal responsibilities, which can be a lot to handle. This is where you need the help of a professional who can help you with the same.

Before hiring solicitors in Adelaide, South Australia, you need to watch out for certain qualities they must possess that will qualify them as the right person to help you with the deceased estate planning.

Here’s what we recommend you to look at:

  1. Specialisation in Wills & Estates:

    The first thing you must ensure is their specialisation in “Wills & Estates”. This first quality will determine whether you need to hire them or not. If a lawyer handles all types of cases, they will not be able to stay updated on the latest developments and best practices in every area of law. You need to search for an attorney who exclusively handles wills and estates like Jackson & Associates. This quality will help you determine whether you are speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.

  2. Experience and Qualifications:

    When hiring estate lawyers, it is crucial to know that experience is invaluable and cannot be replaced no matter what. So, you must select a solicitor with great experience in handling the legal challenges of estate planning. And how would you know about their professional background and experience? By communicating to them and inquiring about the different areas they have worked in. Someone skilled and trustworthy will openly discuss their professional experience with you, ensuring a reliable and transparent bond between you both.

  3. Compassion and empathy:

    These two factors are crucial to look at when it comes to navigating the legal aspects surrounding the loss of a loved one. Since this process can be emotionally draining, you must find a solicitor who understands this and is empathetic with you in this matter. Also, the lawyer must be kind and patient with you about your understanding. They must dedicate the necessary time out of their busy schedule to patiently explain legal facts to you.

  4. Accessibility and location:

    When choosing a solicitor, you must consider their accessibility, responsiveness, and location. You must choose someone to whom you have easy access and who is located near your home. You can also consider other factors, including their office hours, parking availability, and access to public transportation. Moreover, it is also important to ask about their typical response times and preferred methods of communication.

  5. Member of Law Society:

    Choosing a solicitor who is a member of the prestigious Law Society of South Australia is very important. This crucial element ensures their credentials and compliance with the strict ethical guidelines established by the legal community. You must also know when to choose a reputable solicitor like Jackson & Associates since it can make you feel secure knowing you are leaving your legal matters to a highly qualified and respected expert.

The Bottom Line

Remember, choosing the right solicitor can make a big difference in handling your responsibility as an executor. But if you focus on all these qualities, you can select someone professional with expertise and experience to make your estate planning and distribution journey easier. Jackson & Associates holds the best knowledge and tools and can assist you with finalising all the legal aspects of this process.