Self-Love: The Key to Healing and Happiness


What do you understand when you read the word “self-love?” Do you think it’s being obsessed with oneself? Or being rude to others?


Well, as the author of “It All Starts With You” says, the real meaning behind self-love is giving yourself the love you have always desired someone else to provide you.


Self-love is the foundation for a joyful and healthier life. It means to love and accept yourself the way you are and be willing to change positively.


When someone is not validated by the ones who raised them, they often seek it from outside resources, forgetting that their internal world has everything they need to go deep inside.


Keep reading this blog post if you find it interesting and want to implement more self-love and happiness. You may never know what quote, word, sentence or blog post can change your life.


It is time to stop that inner voice with loving words


Do you often habitually say, “I am so dumb” or “How foolish I am” whenever you commit a mistake? Or do you speak so negatively constantly that you are full of resentment and criticism?


This is a huge RED FLAG that you hate yourself!


You may not realize this, but not accepting one’s worth or virtue states that you lack self-love.


But when you accept yourself, prioritize your needs, establish healthy boundaries, treat yourself with love and respect, foster personal growth and master adversity management. Self-love might be difficult, but you’ll notice rewards, including several health advantages if you prioritize it.

Benefits of making self-love a part of your daily routine


  1. Boosts self-confidence: Because you permit yourself to embrace yourself exactly as you are, self-love boosts self-confidence. You’re less concerned with your weaknesses or that you stumbled over a few sentences during the Zoom training. You act following your confidence in yourself and never pass judgment or give yourself a hard time. You’ll discover that when you allow yourself to accept all of who you are, you no longer have uncertainty or feelings of guilt about not being someone or anything else. 
  2. Attract better relationships: Self-love enhances your relationships and attracts more positive people into your life. This is because when we love and respect ourselves, we won’t draw or engage with such people who are toxic or disrespect us in any way. We maintain clear boundaries with them and communicate our needs precisely.
  3. Alignment with oneself: Spending time alone and enjoying your company aligns one with one’s higher self. When you indulge in self-love practices like meditation, journaling, prayers etc, it raises your emotional vibration and expands your subconscious mind, aligning you with your higher self.
  4. Improved mental health: You can easily deal with difficult emotions such as anger, rage or irritability and even manage your emotions wisely when you practice self-love. Maintaining your calm and composure during a challenging time often comes from the inner work you have done on yourself.
  5. More clarity in life: You are better equipped to recognize your needs and desires when accepting and appreciating yourself. You can make wiser decisions in every aspect of your life. You are more likely to recover from failures and disappointments when you enjoy who you are. This is because, despite what may occur, you are aware of your deservingness of love and pleasure.
  6. Healthy lifestyle: Although maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for most people, it is possible to do so to achieve your goals. Loving oneself will motivate you to strive for your goals daily. Your desire to incorporate your goals into your everyday routine will come from loving yourself. Being grateful, spending time alone, practicing mindfulness, accepting forgiveness, and feeling confident are all advantages of forming healthy habits.
  7. More content in life: You’ll have less anxiety or discomfort when confronted with challenging circumstances or occurrences if you enjoy who you are. You won’t put yourself against others or compare yourself to them. You’ll accept your difficulties and learn how to deal with them. Your outlook on life will also improve, and you’ll be more open to innovation and trying new things.

Self-love tips to improve your life right now

Suppose you are looking for easy ways to make it a part of your daily routine. Here’s what you must follow:


  • Take care of yourself:  By eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising frequently, you can inculcate self-love into your daily routine.
  • Forgive yourself: Stop dwelling on the past and focus on improving your present and future better. It’s time to forgive yourself.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments: No matter how modest they may seem, take the time to acknowledge them.
  • Be kind to yourself: Treat yourself with care and empathy just as you would a friend. 
  • Create boundaries: Establish sound boundaries by confidently declining requests from individuals or situations you don’t find appealing.
  • Use affirmations: Stop criticizing yourself and start saying loving and positive words to yourself.


Positive Reminder

You, your thoughts, your words, and your existence matter in this world. Let anybody say whatever they want to tell you. If you are kind to yourself, nothing else matters.


Always and forever love yourself and make yourself a priority.

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