Top Tips to Prepare Your Piano Before Moving Day

We understand how difficult it is to move from one location to another, especially when you have heavy items with you, such as a piano. Since the piano holds great sentiments, you’d never want it to get damaged or be in unprofessional hands. But what if we told you that the piano removalists in Brisbane could take the load off your shoulders and give you a stress-free moving experience?

Yes, you read that right! Hiring a removal company with experience and competence in handling large furniture can be the best way to ensure a pleasant moving experience. You can move your grand piano with ease if you hire experienced piano movers, as they will help you move it safely. 

Hence, we have come here to provide you with some top tips that you should consider before they come to pick up your piano on moving day.

Hire the best piano removal company- 

Since you know you cannot move it alone, nor can you expect your friends to do it as your precious piano has the risk of getting damaged, it is best to get the help of an expert! You can either hire a removalist company if you have other stuff with you to take along, or you can even hire 2 men and a van, which will cost you less to move your piano. A qualified piano mover has extensive expertise and the best skills and equipment to transport your piano to its final destination.

Describe the piano in detail and its location-

The type of piano you possess, its current location, and its future destination must all be known to the piano movers to relocate the piano securely and efficiently. You must tell the piano removalists in Brisbane if there are any twisting stairs, small doors, or steps that they should be aware of. They may visit your current location first to assess the situation completely.

Make safety a priority-

When you hire piano experts to move your piano, they are well aware of the safety concerns, as they will not risk injuring themselves or harming your piano in any case. They understand the importance of wearing covered footwear, preferably steel-capped boots, and the necessity of protecting their backs by lifting with bent knees. Hence, they are well aware of their duties. On the other hand, it is your responsibility to plan your route and pathways and describe the location to them in advance so that there isn’t any risk of damaging the piano.

Don’t try to do DIY-

If you believe that removing the piano from the piano room will benefit piano movers by saving them time, then you are wrong! Pianos are heavy and delicate and require professional assistance. Moreover, when you hire 2 man and a van, you should know that your piano is in safe hands, and you can easily rely on them for a safe and timely delivery of your piano.

Ask questions, if necessary-

If you have any questions about moving your piano, you should never be afraid to ask your moving company. You are paying them money and also giving them your valuable possessions. A good and reputable company will never hesitate to answer your queries. In fact, they will assure you that they will do their job perfectly and with a minimum of fuss. 


We understand that it’s time to move a piano. But, with the help of professional piano removalists in Brisbane, you can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable moving experience. We suggest you use these tips and do all the necessary planning before your piano removal company comes to the rescue! If you are looking for an expert in Brisbane, contact Mooving Champs without giving it any second thought.

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