What Do You Put On A Cemetery Plaque?

A cemetery plaque is a lasting tribute to a loved one, providing a place where their memory can be cherished and honored for generations. Choosing what to put on a cemetery plaque is a deeply personal and significant decision that requires thoughtful consideration. It’s an opportunity to convey love, respect, and remembrance concisely and meaningfully. 

This guide will explore various elements and suggestions when deciding what to include on a cemetery plaque. From selecting the correct wording and choosing appropriate symbols to incorporating personalized touches and expressing emotions, this guide will help you create a touching and enduring memorial.

Names and Dates

The foundational element of any cemetery plaque is the names and dates of the deceased. Including the individual’s full name, birth, and passing dates ensures that the memorial accurately reflects the person’s identity and lifespan. Some families include a nickname or a familiar name, making the memorial more intimate and relatable. Additionally, consider including any significant titles or roles the person held, such as “Beloved Husband,” “Loving Mother,” or “Devoted Friend.” 

Meaningful Quotes and Sayings

Choosing a meaningful quote or saying to include on the cemetery plaque can provide solace, inspiration, and reflection for visitors. Consider selecting a quote that resonates with the individual’s personality, beliefs, or favorite sentiments. It could be a line from their favorite poem, a verse from a religious text, or a timeless philosophical saying that captures their essence. The right quote can encapsulate the person’s spirit and leave a lasting impression on those who visit the grave.

Expressions of Love and Endearment

An essential aspect of a cemetery plaque is expressing love and endearment for the departed. This can be done through heartfelt words of affection, such as “Forever in our Hearts,” “Always Loved, Never Forgotten,” or “In Loving Memory.” These expressions serve as a reminder of the deep emotional connection shared with the individual and convey the enduring love and respect they hold in the hearts of their loved ones.

Symbols and Icons

Incorporating symbols and icons on the cemetery plaque can add depth and meaning to the memorial. Consider using symbols that reflect the person’s passions, interests, or beliefs. For instance, a cross for a devout Christian, a musical note for a musician, a butterfly for someone who cherishes nature, or an anchor for a sailor. Symbols can be a powerful way to convey the individual’s essence and create a visually striking and personalized memorial.

Personalized Touches and Mementos

Adding personalized touches and mementos to the cemetery plaque can make the memorial truly unique and special. Consider embedding a small photo of the departed, a favorite flower, or a sentimental keepsake. Some families choose to include handprints or fingerprints, further personalizing the plaque and leaving an indelible mark on their loved ones.

Expressions of Grief and Hope

Grieving is a natural part of the memorial process, and expressing emotions on the cemetery plaque can be cathartic for those who visit. Including phrases like “Gone but Never Forgotten,” “Rest in Peace,” or “In God’s Loving Embrace” can provide comfort and solace to mourners. Balancing expressions of grief with messages of hope and healing can create a space for reflection and a sense of peace for visitors.

Ideas for Writing on a Memorial Plaque

  • In loving memory of
  • In remembrance of
  • In memoriam
  • Rest in peace
  • Always in our hearts
  • Forever loved/missed
  • We will meet again
  • Where there is love, there is life
  • Remembered with love
  • Gone but not forgotten
  • Life is not forever is

The Bottom Line

When deciding what to put on a cemetery plaque, the choices should reflect the unique essence and memory of the departed loved one. Working with a reputable memorial company can be invaluable in this process, as they offer guidance and expertise to create a touching and enduring tribute. Each element contributes to a heartfelt and fitting memorial, from including the individual’s full name and dates to incorporating meaningful quotes, symbols, and personalized touches.

A carefully crafted cemetery plaque serves as a timeless and cherished remembrance, providing comfort and solace to visitors for generations to come. Expressing love, endearment, and grief while maintaining appropriate language and conciseness ensures that the sentiments conveyed stand the test of time.

Choosing a reputable memorial company ensures that the final plaque embodies the uniqueness of the departed and the love they inspired, creating a lasting tribute that serves as a place of reflection, remembrance, and healing. By honoring their life and legacy through the cemetery plaque, the departed will be forever cherished in the hearts of those who visit their memorial.

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