CNG and Electric Rickshaws Are Here to Replace The Traditional Autos

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The traditional rickshaws have been on the roads of India for a long time but are now being replaced. The better alternatives to traditional autos are CNG and electric rickshaws. The old autos are getting replaced due to their inefficiency in providing a comfortable driving experience.

The amazing features of CNG autos and electric rickshaws overshadow the petrol/diesel rickshaw market. The people who want to earn a better income by owning a rickshaw are making better buying decisions. The efficiency that CNG and electric rickshaws have made people gravitate towards buying them.

We will understand why buyers choose the CNG rickshaw and e-riksha over traditional auto. To understand the reason behind the downfall of traditional rickshaws, we need to know about their shortcomings:

What Shortcomings of Traditional Auto Led to its Downfall?

Here are some of the disadvantages of the traditional autos:

  • Rising petrol and diesel prices have increased traditional auto’s operating costs. The cost of fuel is an everyday expenditure that is bound to occur. The rising price of petrol and diesel thus makes earning a good amount of income difficult.
  • The petrol/diesel engine autos make a lot of noise when operating. The driver and passenger feel uncomfortable because the rickshaw vibrates and makes engine noises. The unpleasant experience of riding in traditional auto is thus one reason for the rise in e riksha sales.
  • The rickshaws operated on gasoline use fossil fuels to run. The reckless use of fossil fuels has greatly threatened our environment. Alternatives to traditional automobiles were innovated to stop the overconsumption of our natural resources.

The drawbacks of traditional autos make it clear why innovation is needed. The goal of achieving efficiency while being eco-friendly gave birth to CNG and electric rickshaws. If you want to invest in a new rickshaw, go for the one that operates on CNG or batteries. It is a smart purchase that will help in becoming self reliant.

A wise buyer does not make conclusions before seeing what the product offers. So let us understand the features of CNG rickshaws in detail first:

What are The Benefits of a CNG Rickshaw?

The CNG autos work on compressed natural gas. The CNG is better than petrol/diesel because of the following reasons:

  • It is a cleaner burning fuel that has less emissions. It produces gases and particulate matter in minimal amounts. So it is more environmentally friendly than traditional automobiles.
  • CNG autos have more engine life as they burn cleaner.
  • The CNG is relatively cheaper than petrol and diesel. If you want to own a CNG that rickshaw provides efficiency, then you can go for Piaggio Ape E City.
  • It is safe to use CNG rickshaws as they have low flammability, which makes them unlikely to combust.
  • Most CNG autos can run on both petrol and CNG.

We have seen the advantages of the CNG autos. Now, after seeing the fantastic features of owning a CNG auto, let us see the advantages of an electric rickshaw:

What Are the Advantages of Owning an Electric Rickshaw?

Mayuri electric rickshaw in Zirakpur


The electric rickshaws operate on batteries instead of gasoline. The e-rickshaw offers the following benefits over traditional rickshaw:

  • It has a low operating cost as it operates on batteries that, after charging, last for a long time. So, if you invest in an electric rickshaw, you won’t have to fight rising gasoline prices.
  • The electric rickshaw has fewer moving parts, making it easy to maintain.
  • The e-rickshaw’s body is lightweight, making it easy to drive.
  • The Mayuri electric rickshaw in Zirakpur is eco-friendly as it produces no emissions. The natural resources are also not consumed, so it is the best eco-friendly option.
  • It does not produce any noise, thus making it comfortable to travel.
  • You don’t have to worry about the prices of petrol/diesel as the rickshaw is operated on batteries. The batteries can be charged quickly at home. Maintaining the batteries can make them last up to 1-3 years.

We have seen the advantages of buying an electric rickshaw or CNG riksha. Choosing between the electric and CNG is your final decision. Whatever rickshaw you choose to kick start your journey, it is important to know that there are some things that you need to follow.

Here are some pointers that can guide you in driving your rickshaw more efficiently:

How to be a more efficient e-rickshaw/ CNG rickshaw driver?

A perfect driver drives responsibly and ensures the safety of the passengers. The following points will help you become a pro driver:

  • Make sure to adhere to all the traffic rules stated by the government. This includes following traffic lights, making turns at the given point and not over speeding.
  • If you are driving an electric rickshaw, avoid making sharp turns at sudden moments, as the body of the e-rickshaw is light and can lose balance.
  • Taking the shortest routes to the destination is best to save passengers time.
  • Always take your rickshaw to the service center when required, as delaying the visit can lead to problems. Your rickshaw may break down during driving or cause proper driving problems. It is best to get the issues fixed before any major problem occurs.


Whether you want to buy an electric rickshaw or a CNG one, it is essential to go for a brand that delivers quality and affordability. If you are looking for a brand that provides both, contact Krishna Electric Vehicle.

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