Parambikulam Tiger Reserve: A Safari Trip In Kerala


Kolkata, with its vibrant culture and bustling streets, offers a rich urban experience. The Parambikulam Tiger reserve in Kerala beckons those yearning to escape the city’s rhythm. They can embrace the unseen beauty of nature while touring it.

This vast reserve, cradled in the Western Ghats, offers a stunning safari tour. In this tour, we’ll further trace the journey from the cultural hub of Kolkata. That will meanwhile take us to the wild wonders of Parambikulam.

The Expedition Begins From Kolkata to Coimbatore

Your safari journey begins at the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport in Kolkata. Firstly, board a flight bound for Coimbatore Airport.

This is your entrance to the charming Parambikulam Tiger reserve in Kerala. As the plane lands, witness the change from the citys cape to the lush ambiance. That further signals the onset of an enjoyable adventure.

Upon landing in Coimbatore, you are greeted by the inviting embrace of the Western Ghats. Embark on a scenic road trip, through the winding roads.

They further lead to the heart of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve of Kerala. The hope builds with each passing kilometer. Above all, it sets the stage for an encounter with the untamed.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve A Biodiversity Marvel

It spans an area of 280 square miles. The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve stands as a symbol of Kerala’s will for wildlife savages. Its diverse ecosystems contain evergreen and deciduous forests, grasslands, and a sprawling reservoir.

That is further created by the Parambikulam Dam. The result is a haven for flora and fauna. That meanwhile makes it one of the largest and most valuable wildlife places in India.

The sanctuary is home to a great array of wildlife. For example the regal Bengal tiger, elusive leopards, Asian elephants, gaurs, spotted deer.

It further contains a vast range of avian species. These creatures co-exist with ease within it’s boundaries. It is a sign to the thin balance that Parambikulam strives to maintain.

Safari Experiences Immersive Encounters with the Wild

This Tiger Reserve attracts tourists to explore its riches through various safari tours. Above all, each one offers a unique view of its bio-diverse range.

1: Jeep Safaris

Embark on a thrilling jeep safari, going deep into the heart of its diverse terrain. Guided by expert naturalists, these tours traverse winding paths, dense forests, and open grasslands.

That firstly offers an option to witness the wild inhabitants in their natural space. The open jeeps ensure a clear view. It further enhances the chance of spotting elusive creatures for example tigers and leopards.

The jeep safari is not only a ride; but also a thrill. That grabs the essence of the Western Ghats’ stunning beauty.

There is the scent of the forest, the rustle of leaves, and the hope of a wildlife sighting. All that further creates an experience that lingers long after the safari ends.

2: Elephant Safaris

For a more intimate and eco-friendly sighting, opt for an elephant safari. Riding atop these gentle giants allows tourists to explore the sanctuary quietly.

It further reduces the impact on the natural space. The slow pace of the elephants ensures a closer bond with the wildlife. Above all, it offers ample chance for observation and taking photos.

Elephant safaris provide a unique vantage point. That firstly enables tourists to witness the minute details of the ecosystem.

The rhythmic sway of the elephants adds a poetic charm to the safari. That further makes it a sensory journey through the wilderness.

3: Boat Safaris

Parambikulam’s vast reservoir is a result of the Parambikulam Dam. Above all, it is a serene backdrop for boat rides.

Drift along the tranquil waters, among the symphony of nature and the calls of exotic birds. Boat rides offer a unique view, showing the diverse marine life. Meanwhile, it allows you to see various bird species that call it home.

As the boat glides through the water, tourists are treated to a quiet and contemplative experience. It is a stark contrast to the more thrilling jeep and elephant safaris.

It’s a chance to meanwhile admire the sanctuary’s beauty from another angle. Above all, it fosters a profound bond with the marine elements of Parambikulam.

Conservation and Ecotourism A Harmonious Coexistence

Beyond the thrill of safari, this Tiger Reserve is a bastion of conservation and eco-tourism. It takes part in group based efforts in an active manner. That further contains local people in saving efforts and viable tourism methods.

Tourists to Parambikulam are not mere viewers. They are the partners in saving the thin balance of this ecosystem.

The sanctuary’s efforts to responsible tourism are shown in its efforts. That is further done to reduce the impact on climate. Meanwhile, it creates great options for local people.

Conclusion An Odyssey into the Heart of Kerala’s Untouched Wilderness

A safari trip with Kerala tour Kolkata keralapackage price is not only a tour. It is a journey into the heart of Kerala’s unseen wild beauty.

It’s a journey that further passes the limits of usual travel. Above all, it offers a changing experience for those seeking a real sighting of nature.

As eco tourism gains fame, places like Parambikulam show the symbiotic relationship. That is between responsible tourism and saving. So, if you are yearning for an intense trip, pack your bags, and leave the city behind.

Let Parambikulam unveil its secrets to you. It’s not only a safari; but also a profound visit of the unseen. There each moment is a revelation. Further, each sighting of wildlife is a symbol of the greatness of nature.

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