Sustainability Trends For Businesses to Look Out For In 2024


The rise in technology has given many businesses a major edge in making operations more efficient. Along with the popularity of AI, people are also focusing on sustainability. It is because people understand environmental issues are growing at a rapid rate. Also, the growth of ESG( environmental, social, governance) has posed expectations upon corporations to take sustainable steps.

If you are also an entrepreneur looking forward to keeping pace with the trends promoting a greener future, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will explore the different sustainability trends for 2024. Also, you will know how to make your business more sustainable. 

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Top 5 Trends That Promote Sustainability in Business 

  1. Mandatory disclosure with integrated reporting

    Companies have to provide full disclosure that displays whether they are operating under standards set by authorities. This way, businesses will become more accountable for their actions. The report will also prove to be useful for stakeholders looking forward to investing in a company. However, businesses should not focus on making their reports perfect without trying to have actual results. The main focus should be on actually making the operations more eco-friendly.

  2. Refrain from greenwashing

    Society’s demand for businesses to be sustainable has made a significant impact on their ways of working. However, instead of making an actual difference, some enterprises came up with greenwashing. It is a marketing scheme that gives the illusion to customers that a company is practicing environmentally friendly policies. But in reality, the company is just misleading the investors and customers. In today’s times, the scenario is changing. People are becoming more aware and can tell if the business is environmentally sound. So, if the business wants to keep a good image in society, it needs to restructure its model according to ESG.

  3. Requirement for sustainability-related skills

    Integrating sustainability among various departments can be difficult for a business. Also, auditing the policies and procedures is not a task for beginners. To keep sustainable practices at optimum levels, one needs to hire someone proficient in handling issues related to ESG.

  4. Introducing AI in sustainable practices

    Artificial intelligence innovation will make it easier for businesses to cope with ESG trends. The latest technology can potentially analyze large databases related to environmental preservation. Also, with AI, one identifies the deficiency in sustainable practices.

  5. Managing Scope 3 emissions 

    Scope 3 emissions include the emissions that are not generated by the company’s assets and operations. The scope 3 emission is much larger than scope 1 and 2. So this makes it crucial for businesses to keep these emissions to a minimum. The customers and investors will demand not only full disclosure about scope 3 emissions but also want to see your actions.

    We have seen the trends for sustainability that are on a spike. If you feel stressed about how you can align your business with eco-friendly practices, then don’t worry. We will discuss some tips that you can follow to make your functions sustainable.

How can businesses become more sustainable in 2024?

  1. Understand the importance of transparency 

    You don’t have to make reports out of complying with the expectations of investors and customers. Drafting reports regarding sustainable practices will benefit you, too. A detailed report will give you insight into where your business is lacking in its methods.

  2. Building trust with emotional connection 

    Society should recognize the efforts you put into promoting sustainability. If people know that your business is making a change, then their trust will remain. You need to find a powerful way to address your environmental concerns without promoting greenwashing. You can achieve this by putting in genuine effort and concern for preserving nature.

  3. Training and educating the workforce to be more sustainable 

    The human resource of an enterprise is its core component. If the workforce fails to comply with standards that promote sustainability, then other efforts go in vain. So, CEOs and owners need to train their human resources in a way that they can effortlessly execute sustainable practices. Hiring an expert who can cut down waste within different parts of the organization would be beneficial, too.

  4. Inculcate remote work 

    The trend of working from home rose during the pandemic times. However, we can still see some companies using this method. This is because companies save a lot of money by implementing remote work. Working from home is beneficial to businesses financially. But do you know that remote work benefits the environment too? The noise and air pollution will be reduced if fewer employees travel daily. Also, power consumption would be low if fewer employees worked on office premises.

  5. Take the aid of AI 

    The use of AI is not just limited to making work easier and more efficient. You can use this tool to boost sustainability in the business. Artificial intelligence help the corporations in the following ways:

  • Optimize their operations
  • Make accurate reports
  • Promote recycling
  • Track changes in regulations related to sustainability

Key takeaway 

Maintaining sustainability while ensuring the financial growth of the business is a challenge to entrepreneurs. However, you must understand that making business activities sustainable might be difficult in the short term. But in the long run, your efforts will reap fruitful results. It is because many people realize that climate change negatively affects the environment. So, the investors and customers will only want to associate with businesses encouraging ESG trends. Remember that you don’t need to make drastic changes in one day. You can take a step towards a greener future by starting small.

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