5 Easy Ways To Get Closer To God

We often believe we are religious or spiritual through our means of worshipping God or reciting prayers and our spiritual books. But we often forget that merely keeping idols at home and doing rituals is not enough to get closer to God (if you want to).

Many individuals do everything as per their religion but still feel something needs to be added. If you are that someone, too, do not worry; we have brought some tips for you that will help you connect more deeply to God.

Have you ever thought your connection to God is fading?

You want to connect to your higher self; you want to indulge in God’s love and strengthen your connection, but you can’t do that. Am I right?

I understand because I have been through it earlier in my life.  

Sometimes, we do everything as per our religious rituals, but we want more. That missing link creates a deep void inside us because we can’t understand what is there that needs to be done so that our purpose in life is achieved.

As souls or energy beings, we often wonder what is the purpose of our lives. But how can we forget that we are the souls created by that one light? So, it’s obvious that our purpose is to meet God and create a strong relationship with him. And how can we create that? Let’s find out!

Top 5 easy ways to strengthen your relationship with God

  1. Make prayer to God a priority in your life:

    I suggest making it a top priority to talk to God the moment you wake up and when you are about to sleep. Now, you don’t need to set up a warm and calming atmosphere, light candles, or burn sage to sit down and pray. This can be a part of your daily meditation routine. But talking to God is simple and does not come with any formal settings. Prayer means making an effort to communicate with God. Of course, we pray when we need something from God, we are stuck somewhere, or simply as a part of our daily routine. However, when you need to get close to God, simply following a prayer tradition is not enough. You need to communicate with him and tell him how you feel, what you are struggling with, what is bothering you. Tell him everything you have in your mind. This is the only relationship that will be by your side through all realms.

  2. Get rid of harmful distractions:

    Another easy way to get closer to God is by getting rid of everything and everyone, whichever is not letting you close to him. Do you have certain friends or family members who have a different mindset than you? Of course, I am not asking you to judge them based on anything they do that is different from your values and morals. But before following them, think for a moment: is this aligning you with your higher self? Is this serving a purpose for your future and your present goals? If your answer is no, then you know what to do. Maintain a healthy distance and create space for the one whose energy is precious and infinite.

  3. Read his words:

    Reading the Holy Scriptures is one of the simplest ways to become closer to God. Regardless of your faith (Buddhism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Islam, etc.), daily scripture reading will bring you one step closer to him. Reading your holy book—whether you choose to study it through a daily devotional or read it cover to cover—will help establish the foundation for your faith in God. When implementing the knowledge you have received, be upfront and truthful and take notes that you will be able to evaluate. You will experience a transformation from the inside out and a deeper understanding of who you are through God’s communication with you. 

  4. Start writing a journal:

    Had a bad day at work today? Feeling left out by friends for a party? Write it in a journal. Start writing about how God was kind to you today. How many blessings can you count on that others do not have? What is the place of God in your life? Write anything you feel like. Make it a part of your daily routine to spend at least 10 minutes a day to speak your heart out in the form of writing to God. Our memory forgets things because of its tricks. It typically overlooks crucial information, even when it remembers the entirety of the event. Every day, God provides for us in numerous ways, most of which are lost. Thus, make use of a journal and record in it all that he has done for you each day. You will be able to recall His goodness, grace, and love.

  5. Serve the humanity:

    God made us all. For him, we are his children, and he does not love anyone more or less. If you think you are struggling with something while others are enjoying having that thing, then you must know that it is your karma taking the lead. God is never punishing anyone. He always stood there to serve us. He even sacrificed his life for us. We can become more like Christ by seeking out opportunities to serve others. Asking God to help us see others the way he sees them, see their need, and then be willing to stop and help them is something we should do. Prioritizing others aids in reminding us that God is the source of our happiness and fortitude. It also enables us to experience God’s love more fully. Serving Him with humility and a pure heart will bring us closer to Him and strengthen our bond with Him.

The Takeaway

You can become closer to God and fill yourself with this heavenly love if you have a pure heart and mind. There’s no turning back once you decide to contact him daily and include him in your life. All the resources come from him. Do not seek worldly pleasures from him; seek him from him, and all the desires will automatically come towards you.

These tips will help you create a solid connection with the one who created us all.

Lots of love and blessings to all! 

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