5 Reasons Why Axe Throwing Makes for an Epic Birthday Celebration


Are you looking to do something different on this birthday? While hanging out with friends and celebrating your birthday at a new restaurant or club is a great choice, why not try something new this time?

An axe throwing session with your friends or your partner can be a great way to celebrate your birthday this time. When you want to experience thrill, an axe throwing in Lonsdale can deliver you a birthday experience like no other.

In this blog post, we will uncover the top five reasons why this kind of birthday celebration at Lumberjaxe can be exciting for you. So let’s get started!

What makes axe throwing a popular birthday celebration idea?

If you are still trying to develop something on your birthday, try this rapidly growing sport in Adelaide. 

You can add this game as a part of your birthday for many reasons. Such as:

  1. Completely safe activity:

    Irrespective of what you might believe, but trust us when we say an axe throwing birthday party is going to be the safest party. Axe throwing is a safe, fun and exciting activity suitable for friends, family members and overly competitive coworkers. Our staff is highly trained in axe safety to ensure a safe and controlled experience. We provide specially designed axes with blunted tips for safety.

  2. Not another game—more than that:

    Axe throwing goes beyond just a game of chess or cricket. It is an exciting experience that allows you to live through personal experience and self-discovery. It is about more than just throwing axes; it is about learning and mastering a new skill. So, instead of throwing a traditional birthday party, consider giving your friends the unique axe throwing experience, which can unlock hidden talents and create lasting memories. It is not just a gift but an opportunity for empowerment and excitement.

  3. Fosters social interaction:

    Axe throwing fosters social interaction and bonding among participants through sharing advice and techniques or engaging in friendly competition. It is an excellent activity for bringing groups together. Axe throwing is not only a fun activity but also helps people relax and become more at ease with each other. Since many guests may not have seen or known each other in a while, axe throwing can create a common bond among them.

  4. Cost-effective choice:

    An axe-throwing activity is a budget-friendly choice for your upcoming birthday celebration. You can have exclusive access to spacious lanes accommodating all your guests. You can also bring your food to axe throwing venues if you find their food costly. They often provide a fridge and table spaces for storing your items. This way, you can enjoy your favourite meal while celebrating your birthday. You can easily book a 6-10 people session for $40 at LumberJaxe.

  5. Click Instagram-worthy pictures:

    To enhance the lasting memory of your birthday celebration, an axe bar provides a plethora of aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing settings that are perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy pictures. These unique and captivating backdrops ensure you remember your special day by capturing striking images. Moreover, the axe bar constantly upgrades and introduces fresh photo themes throughout the year, enabling you and your friends to indulge in a continuous stream of exciting and captivating photo opportunities.

How to book an axe-throwing birthday party in Lonsdale?

Host an unforgettable axe-throwing bash if you want to celebrate a birthday party like a true warrior! Here’s how you can do that!

Step 1: Choose your package: Pick a package that fits your budget and group size at an axe throwing venue. There are options for a 90-minute session, a combination package with a rage room session, or discounted rates for larger groups or events.

Step 2: Gather your tribe: Invite your friends or family members (age 12+) to join you for an exciting axe throwing experience. This activity is perfect for all types of people and can cater to competitive and relaxed individuals. Send them the invitation and make them excited about this event.

Step 3: Book your session: To book your spot at the venue, visit their website or call them to make a reservation. Ensure you provide the necessary details, such as the date, time, and package you want. Booking early, especially on weekends, is recommended, as they tend to get booked quickly.

Step 4: Pick comfort: Comfort is important when choosing what to wear for this birthday event. We urge you to wear closed-toe shoes and clothes that allow you to move freely. Avoid fancy attire; the focus must be embracing your inner warrior rather than dressing up for a formal occasion.

Step 5: Enjoy the event: Instructors will help you with safety and basic throwing techniques when you arrive. The lanes will be full of laughter, friendly competition, and axes hitting wood. It’s okay if you don’t hit the bullseye every time; the main goal is to have fun and make lasting memories.


Now that you have access to the complete birthday event you can host for your friends or family members more uniquely, visit LumberJaxe today to book your axe throwing birthday party! It’s time for an epic birthday celebration that everyone will cherish for years! 

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