Do You Know the Benefits of Wearing Red Coral?

The vibrant red coral stone is a beautiful accessory, and it has many benefits that extend beyond aesthetics. This breathtaking gemstone has been revered for centuries for its mystical and healing properties. From enhancing energy courage to promoting emotional balance, this fantastic gemstone is believed to bring a range of advantages to those who embrace it. In this blog, we will delve into the fascinating world of Rakta Prabal stone and uncover its remarkable benefits in terms of physical well-being and spiritual harmony. Join us on a journey to discover the hidden wonders of this crimson gem. 

Lal Moonga Stone: The Stone of Various Benefits 

There are many red-colored gemstones, each of which possesses a particular property, beauty, and benefits. Whether it’s the mesmerizing red ruby stone, garnet, or spinel, natural Rakta Prabal stone has its fascination. The benefits of the red coral stone go back to ancient history when these stones were used as amulets. The natural coral amulets were found in Neolithic graves and Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations. This gesture of people during these civilizations highlights how these gemstones were known to be precious that they were placed in tombs. With times changing, the benefits of Moonga stone have evolved. 

  • The Stone of Talisman 

The coral stone jewelry adorned beauty and protected the wearer from negativity. People in ancient Egypt used to keep these gemstones in their tombs to protect them from evil spirits. It was considered a protective stone that the people of Gaul used for decorating their weapons, believing it would protect them from any harm during the battle. 

  • Prabal Stone in Vedic Astrology 

In Vedic astrology, the Pavalam gemstone is believed to give beneficial results if an individual has a Mangalik dosh in their horoscope. Wearing a red coral gemstone helps strengthen the bond between the couples. Rakta Prabal Stone for women creates magic if worn for astrological benefits. Women with the weak placement of planet Mars in their horoscope are suggested to wear this gemstone to ensure the long life of their husbands. Which is the suitable finger to wear an original Rakta Prabal stone? The correct finger to wear this red gemstone for optimum astrological benefits is the ring finger of the right hand. 

  • Health Benefits of Red Coral Stone 

The Pagadam Stone healing benefits include calming emotions and alleviating feelings of stress, depression, negativity, and anxiety. This gemstone helps in promoting inner peace and harmony. Besides these emotional healing benefits, moonga gemstone benefits offer physical healing. It helps in alleviating skin disorders, digestive issues, and eye problems. Moreover, wearing a red coral ring or pendant helps improve blood circulation and boost physical and mental wellness. 

  • Rakta Prabal Stone Financial Benefits

Red coral gemstone is associated with the planet Mars, which is the planet of energy and ambition. Wearing a Laal Moonga stone harnesses the positive power of the planet, stimulating financial stability for the wearer. It attracts wealth and offers good academic possibilities to the individual. Promising career and professional growth helps in the overall development of the wearer. 

  • Red Coral Marital Benefits 

This gemstone is believed to enhance love and romance in a relationship. Pavalam gemstone benefits include stimulating relationships between couples, improving communication, and resolving issues. 

Where to Buy Red Coral Gemstone Online

Red Coral Stone price in India are governed by the four C’s. The origin of the gemstone also impacts the price factor. 

  • Color

The color of natural Pavalam gemstone accounts for price fluctuations. For instance, the vivid red and lustrous hue commands the higher moonga stone price. The Ox-blood red color of the Stone is the most desirable hue. 

  • Clarity

Though this gemstone comes with few inclusions, the spotless, bright, and smooth surface of the Stone is always preferred. Whether you seek a Lal Moonga stone for astrological preference or jewelry, it should be free from black spots, grooves, or wood grain effects. Rakta Prabal Stone price online varies with the clarity of the stone. Inclusion-free gemstones are priced higher. 

  • Cut

A precise cut of the gemstone accounts for higher prices. The most common and preferred shapes are oval, round, and triangle.

  • Cart Weight

The natural Rakta Prabal Stone price per ratti increases exponentially with increased carat weight. 

  • Origin

Due to its extreme rarity, the Japanese Red Coral Stone price per ratti ranges from INR 6,000 to INR 3,75,000 per carat. Similarly, Italian Red Coral stone price is also associated with prices ranging from INR 6,000 to INR 30,000 per carat, depending on factors such as shape and color. 


One can Buy Rakta Prabal Stone after considering the factors mentioned above. All these factors help in searching for the premium quality red coral gemstone. 

Wearing a red coral gemstone, often called “Moonga,” offers many benefits. This vibrant gemstone enhances physical strength, vitality, and courage. It is thought to alleviate blood-related ailments, boost the immune system, and improve overall health. Pagadam gemstone is also associated with heightened passion, creativity, and leadership qualities. Furthermore, it is a favored gemstone in Vedic astrology, known to strengthen Mars and positively influence one’s horoscope. In conclusion, wearing a red coral stone not only adds a touch of elegance to jewelry but also carries a rich tradition of believed benefits, promoting both physical well-being and inner strength. 

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