What Does Your Birth Date Tell About You? Part 2

Your birth number reveals a lot about your personality traits. Your birth number can showcase your weaknesses and strengths that you might not be aware of.  

We have discussed birth numbers from 1-10 in previous posts, so if you haven’t checked it out, then make sure to read it. If your birth number lies between 11-20, then brace yourself because, in this post, we are going to tell you more about your characteristics.

So let us see how the planet placement can help in shaping your personality: 


Number 11 

Individuals born on the 11th are influenced by the moon, which gives them physical abilities. Blessed with intuitive power, they can read someone’s mind. Number 11 individuals strive to uplift those around them. One thing that affects them a lot is what others say to them because their harsh words can easily make them feel bad. If you are born on 11, you possess leadership qualities, but your tendency to daydream can hinder achieving success. So it is better if you take action instead of keeping your mind in your thoughts.

Positive Traits: Intuitive, compassionate, leaders, self-disciplined
Negative Traits: Impractical, oversensitive, confused at times 


Number 12 

The ruling planet, Jupiter, gives the 12th-born individuals prosperity. These individuals are the centre of attention due to their optimistic and friendly nature. People like to be with you because of your easygoing and jolly nature. These people possess artistic and creative abilities. It is best to choose a career like acting or writing, which allows them to be creative. They can, at times, be moody.

Positive Traits: Energetic, creative, positive
Negative Traits: Indecisive, jealous, petty 


Number 13 

The life-ruler planet of people born on the 13th is Rahu, which makes these individuals intellectual and lucky. The Rahu also makes them a bit outspoken, making them look arrogant. They are very attractive and can make others feel comfortable in their presence. They are confident and quickly learn new things, reaching great heights in their career.

Positive Traits: Charming, strong sense of self, loyal
Negative Traits: Arrogant, impulsive, pessimist 


Number 14  

The lord planet of people born on the 14th is Mercury. The ruling planet, Mercury, makes them very spontaneous. They give importance to knowledge and, thus, most likely will pursue higher education. These individuals will travel a lot and learn new things in their lives. They focus on meaningful conversations and experiences.

Positive Traits: Intelligent, logical, good speaking skills
Negative Traits: Bored quickly, selfish, overconfident 


Number 15 

Venus rules the individuals who are born on the 15th. As Venus is the ruling planet of these individuals, they are into the aesthetics and beauty of everything around them. They have refined tastes, and they do not shy away from decorating their homes and themselves. They have the power to influence the people around them. These individuals are ready to help those around them. They are very sensitive, which can make them seem too soft for the harsh situations in the world.

Positive Traits: Resilient, adaptable, trustworthy
Negative Traits: Impatient, indecisive, overly emotional

Number 16 

The influence of Ketu makes these individuals detached from materialism and inclined towards spirituality. The people born on the 16th are very mysterious. They like to keep their feelings hidden, so it is difficult for others to make out what they are feeling. They are kind and want to maintain peace. They have difficulty opening up to others, but once they do, people know they have a great heart. 

Positive Traits: Intuitive, perfectionist, kind
Negative Traits: Self-critical, overly cautious, confused at times


Number 17 

Ruled by Saturn, the individuals are very responsible and practical. The individuals are self-motivated and like to be independent. The individuals are very hardworking, which can help them succeed in life. They have an excellent knowledge of financial and business aspects.

Positive Traits: Hardworking, self-reliant, leadership abilities
Negative Traits: Overthinkers, stubborn, trust issues


Number 18 

Mars is the ruling planet, which makes these individuals filled with passion and aggression. They believe in maintaining their honour and dignity. They are dedicated and take pride in their work. They take their time in making decisions regarding their career. People born at 18 seek approval from their family and close ones.

Positive Traits: Ambitious, passionate, hardworking
Negative Traits: Aggressive, non-cooperative, do not forgive easily


Number 19 

The Sun is the ruling planet, which makes these individuals have bright personalities. The individuals love socialising but, at the same time, do not like people’s interference in their lives. They know what they want and do their best to get it. They can become a little emotional at times.

Positive Traits: Daring, independent, dynamic
Negative Traits: Stubborn, over-assertive, moody


Number 20 

People born on the 20th of every month have a calm personality. Just like one sees the moon, they have a soothing vibe. People can rely on them as they do their best to help others. Sometimes, they find it hard to say no to people, which is why people can take advantage of them. They are introverted in nature and are close to their family.

Positive Traits: Calm, patient, polite
Negative Traits: Unrealistic, low sense of self, extremely sensitive