How To Have An Engaging Conversation With Someone You Just Met Online?


Introducing yourself to someone you recently met online can be difficult. Sometimes, the other person might overlook your wish to say something else since there is no body language or tone to convey this.

Today’s technology has made it simpler to find the appropriate person to talk to if you’re an introvert and timid around people in person, especially with the abundance of social and dating applications available.

There’s an extra degree of nervousness when sending that initial message in an online conversation. Rejection seems like a more significant risk than it ever has.

Whether it’s a colleague, a friend, or a stranger you met on a dating or matrimonial app, it is possible to have an engaging conversation.

But before we dive deep into getting the right solutions to strike up a conversation with someone you just met online, here are some other aspects that you must look through that are equally important for online conversations. 

The Struggle To Express Your True Self 

In the generation of digital connectivity, where virtual connections have become the norm, it might be easy to underestimate the complexity of interpersonal relationships. Online platforms give us a quick and easy means to interact, but they also pose particular difficulties in expressing who we are.

It can be challenging to effectively perceive and communicate emotions when no physical indicators are present, such as body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. The absence of nonverbal cues frequently results in misconceptions and misconstrued meanings, hindering the development of authentic relationships.

Additionally, the perceived distance and anonymity of online contact can help people feel detached, lowering the perceived social hazards connected to self-disclosure. This may cause people to project perfected images of themselves or create carefully chosen personas, hiding their emotions and ideas.

Another thing that may make people fearful of expressing their authentic selves is the fear of abandonment or rejection. 

Because digital records are permanent, people may be more afraid of making mistakes or receiving negative feedback, which leads them to self-censor and avoid being authentic.

As a result, people may find it challenging to connect with their inner selves and understand their thoughts and feelings, which can cause a gap between their online personas and their authentic selves.

Despite these challenges, the desire to meet someone and form a strong connection remains strong in the digital world. 

Why Are Late or One Word Replies killing The Emerging Meaningful Connections?

Many people, especially women, find communication a primary element of a relationship, which should be for everyone. Without effective communication, two people can never have a  meaningful conversation, leading to disinterest, effort, or disrespect.

  1. Perceived disinterest: If you respond slowly or with just one word, the other person may assume you’re not interested in interacting with them. When someone is trying hard to keep the conversation going, this cannot be very encouraging. 
  2. Lack of effort: It may appear that you are not interested in the conversation or that it is not a top concern for you if you respond quickly or slowly. The other person may feel devalued and disrespected as a result. 
  3. Disrespectful communication: One-word or delayed responses might appear impolite or dismissive, particularly after sincere or open-ended inquiries. The other person may feel like their feelings are not being considered. 
  4. Emotional disconnection: It can be challenging to build an emotional connection when responses are rushed or limited to a single word. It may create an environment of disconnectedness and hinder the development of understanding or connection. 
  5. Misunderstanding the intent: In the absence of nonverbal clues such as facial expressions and tone of voice, text-based communication can be readily misconstrued. One-word or delayed responses may be misconstrued as apathy, dissatisfaction, or even rage, resulting in misunderstandings. 
  6. Irritability or frustration: When someone consistently responds slowly or with a single word, it can be demoralizing and upsetting for the other person. They can think that they are driving the conversation and that nobody appreciates what they are doing.

Therefore, it’s essential to remember that an online conversation requires the effort of both parties, just like an in-person meeting involves. Making an effort to respond genuinely and with interest makes you a genuine person in the eyes of others. 

However, if we consider another end of the blog post, there may be times when the other person is genuinely stuck somewhere, which makes their replies late. Hence, one should never be too quick to judge someone and remove or block them unless considering the following situations.

Understanding The Reasons Behind The Late Replies

While timely responses serve as a barometer of the interest and genuineness of a person, there may be instances when their replies take time to come, and you may wonder if they want to talk to you or not.

When it comes to delayed reactions, it’s essential to approach the matter objectively and take several factors into account. Here are a few potential explanations for why someone might be responding slowly:

  • Busy schedule: Individuals have different lives with busy or committed schedules, which may take most of their time, leaving them too tired to text you back. In such cases, you cannot consider their fault when they are too swamped with workload, personal chores, or duties to their family. 
  • Different style of communication: Not everyone places the same emphasis on or importance on online communication. Some people might speak with others in person more often or converse online less frequently. 
  • Thoughtful consideration: Showing respect and sincere attention can be shown by composing a well-considered response. If someone takes their time to respond, it could mean they are carefully weighing their words to ensure they express themselves clearly. 
  • Technical difficulties: Device faults or unstable internet access can occasionally impede timely responses due to technology’s unpredictable nature.

You must remember that effective communication takes time and involves understanding and respecting each other’s communication style and personal space. 

Let’s move forward to the final aspect of this blog post: why you are here.

Tips to Be Better At Talking To Strangers Online

Here are some helpful tips that will help you engage in a heartfelt conversation with someone, and they will also feel the same way.  

  1. Be an active listener: Remember that conversation is a two-way street, and practice active listening. Nobody likes that they are speaking while the other person is not paying enough attention to them or is only waiting for an opportunity to talk about themselves. Realize that it’s not just about you. If the other person’s interests diverge from your own, be understanding and try to see yourself in their position. It’s a lot simpler to reply and maintain the flow of the conversation when you’re listening to what the other person has to say. 
  2. Be yourself: You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to impress another person. Just be yourself. Don’t let your anxiety persuade you to present a fake image of yourself to others in an attempt to seem intriguing. Most individuals can detect fakery easily and can sense when someone is not being sincere with them. There’s nothing wrong with who you are! Thus, approach your talks with honesty and confidence. 
  3. Express what you want: If you have just started chatting with someone you met over a dating or matrimonial site and see them as your future prospect, then you must tell them what your needs and goals are. If you want to continue doing your job or any other hobby, you must express your needs without thinking about how they will approach it. Remember, if it’s meant to be, it will be! 
  4. Go personal: After conversing, straightforward questions and light talk get boring. Once you’ve made the initial impression, consider topics to discuss to cement the relationship further. You may get past the casual first-date talk and into something more intimate and flirtatious if you can carry on an hour-long movie discussion over Zoom. 
  5. Talk about common topics: Today, everyone has shared their interests or hobbies on their online profiles. If their interests match yours, do not hesitate to delve further and uncover more intriguing similarities between you, such as sharing a passion, being from the exact location, or having comparable jobs. 
  6. Be patient and do not rush the response: How beautiful it is when you have just met someone, and you both have an instant vibe. When you don’t try to rush the process and let the conversation happen naturally, it makes you two comfortable with each other. Therefore, it is essential to be patient and not invade their personal space by continuously asking them to reply to you. 
  7. Respect boundaries: Respecting boundaries means giving others their personal space and not asking them questions that make them uncomfortable. When talking to someone, it’s important to talk about things that are not too serious or personal so that the other person feels comfortable and happy during the conversation. Try to be friends and treat each other nicely by getting to know each other better. 
  8. Be nice and talk nicely: Nobody likes to listen to your sorrows or pain unless they are your friends or family. Hence, you should never talk about negativity or be mean about others, especially when you have just started talking to someone. Instead, talk about things that make you happy and have pleasant conversations. A happy and positive attitude can make talking with someone more fun and something you will remember. 
  9. End the conversation nicely: When it’s time to finish talking, thank you for the chat, and I suggest talking again later. You can give each other your phone numbers or email addresses or decide on a specific time to talk on the Internet again. 
  10. Acknowledge them: When someone replies to you, take a moment to summarize what they said to let them know you appreciate their thoughts and viewpoint. When they reply, it’s critical to be appreciative and recognize their message, thanking them for their time and effort in getting back to you. This small gesture not only shows that you are grateful and kind, but it also keeps the discussion flowing naturally.

Final Thoughts

It’s more common than ever to meet people online these days. Learning how to strike up a discussion online can help you create lasting relationships, whether through social media, dating apps, or online gaming.

Online friends can be a great way to connect if we satisfy our in-person social needs.

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